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Catching up with: Curtis Lazar

by Craig Medaglia / Ottawa Senators

Sens forward Curtis Lazar shifted his training to Ottawa for a week and we had the chance to track him down as he gets ready for next season...

On his off-season training so far:

It's been going really good. After last season I was pretty disappointed so I'm quite motivated. For me it's all about quickness and slimming down a little bit which I've been able to achieve in both so I'm ready to go. It's good to be back in Ottawa and it's just starting. I can't wait for the season.

On how his off-season training has changed now that he has two full NHL seasons under his belt:

I think it's just the familiarity. I know what's expected of me and how to be an everyday NHL player and what it takes. I need to make sure my body is in tip-top shape throughout the long season so I apply those methods. I'm in constant contact with Chris Schwarz and Molly Morgan our nutritionist as well so we have the tools that allow us to get to the next level.

On training to develop the offensive side of his game:

I've underachieved throughout my two seasons. I proved I can play the defensive side of the game but I'm excited to come out next season and prove a lot of people wrong. The people that have written me off just saying that I'm a bottom 6 guy and stuff like that. I know what I'm capable of and I know my potential. This year I'm coming into camp with a little bit of arrogance and a business-like approach. I'm still going to be the smiley, happy-go-lucky guy but when that puck drops I'm not going to be stopped. I'm going to do whatever it takes to get the job done.

On the role confidence plays in his game:

This game is always built around confidence and that mental side. I do have that so once it gets a little structure and I establish a role that I can really adapt to and know what's expected of me on a day-to-day basis, it's going to help me out. When you can show up to the rink and you know what your job is and what it takes to achieve that it's a lot easier to do. I can just focus on the smaller details from there.

On meeting the new coaching staff:

I was hoping to this week but I think they're out of town. They're probably getting busy just settling in to Ottawa and getting ready for next season but I'm excited with the approach. Guy seems like a very motivated coach and a real thinker. Then you look at Marc Crawford and his track record, Martin Raymond coached us at the World Juniors and really helped us out and Rob Cookson is another guy I'm excited to meet. The coaches have a little bit of history and they all know each other so having that bond within them should allow for an easier transition into the dressing room.

On Mike Hoffman's long-term contract with the Sens:

You can see what Hoff means to our hockey club, he scores a lot of goals each and every year so it was a matter of time for them to get that deal done and it's well deserved. We're excited to have him on our team.

On what the addition of Derick Brassard means for the team:

He's someone that's a little more established, adds a veteran presence and an Ottawa guy. I haven't been able to meet him yet but I guess it kind of speeds up the process. You look at our group on paper and we have a pretty solid team from top-to-bottom. It's all about the unity and coming together. Regardless of who you have, it's a matter of buying in. Hopefully throughout the coaching staff and our dressing room we can do that.

Looking forward to next season:

Every year it's a clean slate. Before the puck drops at the beginning of October, everybody has the same chance to win. We're excited with the changes we've made this summer and for it to push our team in the right direction. We can do something special this year, it's up to us to do that but I think we're willing to put in the work.

On the Pokemon Go senation:

Growing up I was a huge Pokemon guy. I loved watching the TV show and playing the video games so for them to come back and to see it take over the world it's pretty impressive. I don't play it as much as people think, it's just once in awhile I'll check and see what's in the neighbourhood and stuff like that. It's cool to drive your car and look down the street to see people with their phones out. They're really connected that way if they're at the gyms and Pokestops so it's cool to bring it back and relive your childhood days.

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