Les capitaines de Tkachuk

Tkachuk's Captains top

Through the formation of the 'Tkachuk's Captains' program, Brady and Emma actively support the BGC's fundraising efforts and programming access for the club's 4,500 annual members. Brady and Emma believe strongly in the importance of investing and nurturing positive spaces and experiences for youth in the Ottawa community. "To see the environment the BGC provides to these kids, and the impact that it has on their day…they come together and do things that they love, it's a special place. It immediately felt like home and something we wanted to try and contribute to." They are particularly excited to support programs that focus on physical activity, team environments, and leadership. The opportunities that BGC's programs provide the club's members to be physically active, make friends, develop key leadership skills and confidence, is an area that both Brady and Emma feel a personal connection to, and look forward to supporting.

T7 Clothing

The T7 clothing line, part of the Tkachuk Captains initiative, is a range of apparel designed with the creative input of Emma Tkachuk. It includes various items like t-shirts, hoodies, polos, and hats, available from the Sens Store at Canadian Tire Centre and online. Proceeds from each sale will go to the Senators Community Foundation to benefit BGC Ottawa.

Brady's Burger

The Brady Burger is a unique culinary creation by Brady Tkachuk in collaboration with Aramark, featured at Legacy Social in the CTC. This bison burger is being sold at Legacy Social at Canadian Tire Centre and is a key component of the Tkachuk Captains program to support BGC Ottawa. Proceeds from each sale will go to the Senators Community Foundation to benefit BGC Ottawa.

Tkachuk's Captains

For almost one hundred years, BGC Ottawa, a registered charity, has provided programming directly to children and youth in vulnerable neighborhoods. As one of Ottawa's largest child and youth-serving charitable organizations, BGC Ottawa provides vital programs and services to an annual average of 4,500 young members each year.

Brady and Emma were both fortunate to be encouraged, and able to participate in positive group settings with their peers, whether through sports, the arts or community. They are excited to find an organization that encourages and provides what they view as invaluable experiences and opportunities.

Tkachuk's Captains

In addition to financially supporting, and directly participating in BGC programs, part of Brady and Emma's commitment to the BGC Ottawa includes the formation of: 'Tkachuk's Captains'. This program will celebrate youth that display the values of what it means to be leaders within the BGC family. These value's include Belonging, Respect, Encouragement, Acceptance, Working Together and Speaking out. Each year, seven members in each of the four clubs, twenty-eight in total, will be named Tkachuk Captains and will help to impart the day-to-day leadership at their locations.