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Chris Schwarz begins his eleventh season as the Senators' conditioning coach in 2019-20 after being named to the position on July 23, 2009. As conditioning coach, Schwarz prepares off-season training programs, runs in-season training, testing sessions, tests potential draft prospects and helps coordinate off-season development camps. He also works closely with the medical staff and the club's athletic therapists on rehabilitating injured players. A former head strength and conditioning coach of the Ottawa 67's and of the New York Islanders, Schwarz is the founder and president of Fitquest, a sports performance training and exercise rehabilitation company in Ottawa. A graduate of Halifax's Dalhousie University, Schwarz completed his bachelor of science in kinesiology degree in 1995. Chris and his wife, Denise, live in Ottawa with their children, Paris and Preston.

  • Water bottle
  • Two tennis balls or similar
  • 2-3 cones or objects to move around
  • One of a soccer ball, basketball, or volleyball
  • A mat or soft surface to kneel / stretch etc on
  • A hockey stick, dowel or broomstick
  • A light exercise cable or band (not essential but a nice to have)
  • A set of light dumbbells or weighted objects - based on individual strength ( 5-10+lbs) & ( 15-20+ lbs)
    *cans of food can be used as alternatives for light dumbells and weighted back packs etc will work for heavier objects
  • Approx a 10' x 10' area with device access (wifi or cell): these sessions work best if you're able to project onto a TV or computer screen with sound (e.g. using Apple AirPlay, Chromecast, SmartCast, etc.)
    **please test your setup prior to the session to avoid missing out on content.

Play From Home


Earlier this year, Jumpstart launched the 'Play from Home' resource hub on the Jumpstart website. The hub provides ideas on how to stay active at home, along with tips from partner programs and Jumpstart Athlete Ambassadors on keeping healthy and engaged while staying at home.

Review the Workouts

Foam rolling (15s):

  • Tspine
  • Lat
  • Quad
  • Piriformis
  • Hamstring
  • Calf

Active Mobility and Stability: (1x20s - 5s)

  • Hip flexor side bend
  • Glute bridge 1ft
  • Spiderman
  • Alternate pigeon
  • Reverse clamshells
  • Tspine rotations with should mob
  • Horsestances
  • Seated eldoas
  • Active calf
  • WII hurdle step overs

Active Movement:

  • Basketball dribble lateral. Forward, backward, A. march

Specific lower/upper potentiation

  • Wall glute hip (both) 2x10
  • 1 ft balance (variation - with catch) 2x10 each side
  • External reoations 90' bent over dowel (variation - dumbells on ball) 2x15
  • Straight arm raise (variation - with dumbells) 2x15

Strength circuit:

  • Dumbell squat with side step (variation - weighted ball) 3x10
  • Push up varied grip (variation - on knees) 3x10


  • Supine bridge (variation - touchouts feet) 1x30-45 secs

Strength circuit:

  • Backward lunge, 1 dumbell overhead (variation - arms only) 3x10
  • Bent over fly dbs (variation - reverse push up) 3x10

Challenge for Core:

  • Planks 1x30-45secs

Strength Circuit:

  • Wall squat front full overhead raise (variation - no raise) 2x10 slow
  • Plate rotations (variation - with ball) 2x10


  • Side to side bridge 1x30-45s
  • Met Con conditioning
  • Jumping jacks with punch outs 3x30s-15s
  • Lateral shuffle touches 3x30s-15s
  • Met Con conditioning
  • Get ups to squat jumps (variation - squat jumps) 3x30s-15s
  • Wall jogging (variation - on the spot) 3x30-15s
  • Core circuit:
  • Plank - supine bridge or side bridge 1x30s-15s
  • Stretch

Foam rolling (15s):

  • Lat
  • Quad
  • Piriformis
  • Hamstring
  • Calf

Active Mobility and Stability:

  • Onside quad stretch (1x20s - each side)
  • Glute bridge 1ft (1x20s)
  • Spiderman (1x20s - each side)
  • Alternate pigeon (1x20s)
  • One side lef lift (1x20s - each side)
  • All 4 T-spine rotation (1x20s - each side)
  • Horse stances (1x20s - each side)
  • Seated eldoas (1x20s)
  • Calf stretch on call (1x20s - each side)
  • Heel-toe walk (1x20s - each side)

Active Movement:

  • Knee to chest pulls (1x30s)
  • Hurdle step overs
  • Walk and kick hands
  • Butt kicks

Specific lower/upper potentiation:

  • Mountain climber (variation - plank) 2x20's
  • Glute bridge march 2x20's
  • Rhomboids against wall 2x20's
  • Side bridge knees with external rotation 2x20's

Balance, stability, athleticism:

  • 2x20's 1 foot balance with hop (variation - airplane balance)
  • 2x20's skater jump hold (variation - skater stride balance)
  • 2x20's Around the back ball toss, moving feet (variation - basketball around the waist)

Circuit 1

  • 3x10's 360° cone
  • 3x10's Jump squats OR explosive squats
  • 3x10's Running arms with dumbells (variation - without dumbells)


[20 second rest]


Circuit 2

  • 3x3 each way
  • Step through and around cone
  • SL lunge drive and backward lunch controlled
  • 3x10 push press and shoulder press alternative

Athletic challenge: 

  • Ball toss with wall or partner

Met Con conditioning Trunk 1

  • Backward jog, back and forth 3 metres (variation - forward-backward jog) 3x30's - 15s
  • Bear crawl (variation - bear crawl hold) 3x30's - 15s

Met Con conditioning Trunk 2

  • Lateral shuffle to burpee and shuffle to step 3x30s-15s
  • Banana rocks and supine bridge straight legs 3x30's-15s


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