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The Senators Community Foundation is committed to Ottawa, as both a resource and an agent for progress in areas that will impact the quality of life for children and youth. Our strategy for impact investments, and engagement in the community - as partners, and conveners is driven by a number of challenges facing families today.

Three Pillars

  • While most youths are healthy, physically, and emotionally, one in every four to five youths meet the criteria for a lifetime mental disorder and as a result, may face discrimination and negative attitudes.
  • It is our goal to educate the public about the resources available, provide support, and unite the community against stigma. Every day, in every possible way, we need to raise our voices and stand up to stigma.
  • All children, regardless of race or socioeconomic status, should have access to an education that supports their long-term success. Yet gaps persist in our most disadvantaged neighbourhoods. Strengthening quality and equity in our education system is a core priority for the Foundation.

  • The link between physical activity and better physical, mental or emotional health has been proven time and time again. However, the main barriers to participating in physical activity and sports include cost, accessibility, lack of parental support, and a lack of local facilities.
  • As a sports-focused organization, it's our goal to break down the barriers to recreation.
  • It is hard to be a kid when pain and medical treatments are part of daily life and home is a hospital bed.
  • Hospitals and care facilities are where kids are fighting their toughest battles every day. We're doing what is right for kids by raising funds and awareness for the organizations where the biggest battles are being fought every day.

  • Community programming is important because it provides the foundation a city builds off of to improve the lives of its citizens. It creates strong, diverse communities that are able to grow and thrive.
  • The Senators Community Foundation and Hockey Club provide a variety of community-based programming to support initiatives that enhance and enrich communities across eastern Ontario and western Quebec.