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by Staff Writer / Buffalo Sabres
Drew Stafford (Photo: Getty Images)
(Editor's Note: AT&T, the official and exclusive wireless provider of the Buffalo Sabres, is giving fans the most exclusive access to the Sabres players and staff. AT&T Your Questions Delivered is an interactive program designed to allows wireless subscribers first-hand exposure to their team.

Every two weeks, registered customers get to text their questions to a specific player. Answers to select questions are then posted on Click here for more information and to register.)

The latest interview was with Buffalo Sabres forward Drew Stafford:

Drew, what is the key to being successful in shootouts?

"I think taking whatever the goalie gives you. Don’t think beforehand ‘I’m going to do this.’ You might kind of psyche yourself out.

"If you’re thinking you are going to do a certain move and he’s showing you something else, then you might get messed up. You want to go down on an angle and take whatever the goalie gives you."

What's your favorite kind of music outside of Rock 'n Roll?

"I pretty much listen to everything. I don’t have one type of music that I listen to. Rock and Metal are obviously my favorites but I like almost everything."

I've heard that some players have superstitions about how they get ready for a game or practice. Do you have any certain routines you do before a game?

"I used to, but then I played really well in a game and realized that I forgot to do almost half of my routine. I figured out that it doesn’t really matter… so I’m not superstitious anymore.

"I used to tape my stick a certain way, at a certain time. I would put on equipment in a certain order, warm-up a certain way… things like that. But I realized that’s not what matters, and it doesn’t really impact the way you play."

Drew, out of all the guys coming up from Portland who looks to be the most promising?

"They are all really good. We have a bunch of great young guys coming up through the system. I was able to go to the summer camps the past couple years and hang out with them. They are looking pretty good and it’s only going to be a matter of time before they end up here as regulars. "

Have you been following the World Juniors at all this year? If so, what do you think of Tyler Ennis and Tyler Myers?

"Yeah I have been a little bit. It’s an absolute circus in Canada… they don’t get too much coverage here but I have been following it a bit online and it’s good to see how the US team is doing. They have a lot of good young players, and they are all college guys for the most part… College guys are better [laughs].

"As far as Ennis I read that he has been getting some points and Myers is just such a big body that he’s probably punishing some forwards out there. I think they beat Kazakhstan 15-0 last game so I know they are doing well."

What is your New Year’s Resolution?

"Every time I get the puck at the opponent’s blueline I am going to chip it in. No more turnovers [laughs]."

What is your favorite movie quote?

"Mime is money."
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