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by Staff Writer / Buffalo Sabres
Tim Connolly (Photo: Getty Images)
Buffalo Sabres Head Coach Lindy Ruff addressed the status of Tim Connolly on Thursday afternoon, saying he is 'questionable' for Friday's game against the Blue Jackets. The centerman was injured early in the third period after taking a hard hit from Keith Tkachuk last night during the Sabres' 4-3 win against the St. Louis Blues.

Lindy Ruff: Audio | Video

Update on Tim?

"Tim just has a bruised chest and is just going to be day-to-day I think."

How bad is it?

"We don’t feel it’s bad. We really don’t have a handle on how much time it’s going to take."

He was rattled quite a bit. Any head issues?

"No. None at all."

You don’t know about tomorrow [against Columbus]?

"I don’t know about tomorrow. I think when you miss practice you’re questionable and we’re going to have him in that category."

When you see him get hit like that, I know when we watched it we were like ‘oh man’ with his history. Do you think that?

"He got hit hard. There is no doubt. He got hit hard. You’re concerned anytime that any player gets hit that hard.

"Andrew [Peters] was a little dazed from the headshot he took, which was kind of a cheap shot. I think that The hit by Tkachuk was a good hit. He caught him with his head down. You’re always concerned when you see that type of hit."

Given his history, does [Connolly] have to be a little more cognizant of having his head up? His head was down a couple strides in that play.

"You can only control what you’re doing on the ice and for a split second here or there [he had his head down]. It’s not a situation usually where the winger comes down, and the winger came down and pushed pretty hard."

Tkachuk was almost, not out of position, but in an unusual position?

"Yeah I think that he sensed that he could get a lick in and he got one in. It’s the odd time you see that. You don’t see them as much. He came from a strong-side winger position, came down to what normally wouldn’t be his position."
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