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by Jason Pominville / Buffalo Sabres
Buffalo Sabres sniper Jason Pominville will be logging on to and give his insight into the Sabres throughout the 2008-09 season. The sharp-shooting 25-year-old set career highs last season in games played (82), assists (53) and points (80).

Click here to send Jason a question.  Select submissions will be answered from time to time in different blog entries.

Jason Pominville (photo: Getty Images)
It's been a busy summer, but I've got some time today so let's answer some fan-submitted questions:

What is the weirdest thing someone has said on the ice?
Jake T. – Lancaster, NY

"I’ve been pretty lucky with that. There really hasn’t been anything that has caught my attention.

"But probably the funniest thing I’ve heard on the ice was when I was in the American Hockey League and had long hair. Somebody yelled something at me like, ‘get a haircut poodle’ or ‘nice haircut poodle.’

"I can’t remember exactly but it was something like that. Whoever said it was on the bench and I actually turned around and laughed."

Who is the loudest player on the team? Noah Harrick – Toronto, ONT

"Andrew Peters. Hands down."

What is one thing you want to do personally this season that you might not have done last season? Caitlin – Buffalo, NY

"It’s tough to say personally what I want to accomplish. Everybody wants to improve in every area of their game. I just want to be a better player overall, a better teammate overall and help out so we can make the playoffs."

Would you ever get in a fight if the opportunity presented itself?
Lisa – Buffalo, NY

"I don’t see why I wouldn’t. If a teammate gets hit or something happens, I’m sure I would be there to help them out. I don’t know how I would do but I would definitely be there to help a teammate."

Who is your favorite hip-hop artist? Lisa – Buffalo, NY

"I actually saw Kanye West this summer in concert and since then he has been one of my favorites. I also like guys like Jay-Z and 50 Cent as well."

Do you stay in Buffalo over the summer or do you go back to your hometown? Brittany – Buffalo, NY

"I came back to my hometown- Repentigny, Quebec. It’s about 15-20 minutes away from Montreal."

What is one place you have always wanted to visit in the offseason? Where is your favorite place to visit in the offseason? Jackie L. – Kenmore, NY

"This summer we went to a place called Turks and Caicos Islands. It’s near the Bahamas and it was unbelievable. I think that may have been one of my favorite places to visit."
What is the most interesting or most exciting thing you were able to be a part of because you are a hockey player? Daniel – Grand Island, NY

"I think it was two years ago, we had the opportunity to meet Bill Clinton. He came into the locker room and shook everyone’s hand. I don’t think I would have even had the chance to be in the same room as him if I weren’t a hockey player. For him to come in and take pictures and meet the team was pretty neat."

Have you been watching the Olympics? What do you think of Michael Phelps? Hunter – Lewiston, NY

"I’ve been watching Phelps quite a bit. I saw every one of his races live every time he was on. I made sure I stayed up late to watch him compete. He is definitely a talented athlete and actually unbelievable. I think everyone tuned in and was excited for him.

"Swimming was actually my favorite event to watch at the Olympics this year. I remember when Phelps won his seventh gold medal by a fraction of a second. When the competition is that high, it definitely is exciting."

What is the best movie you have seen this summer and why? Caroline J. – Depew, NY

"I think I’ve only seen one movie this summer so I guess that narrows it down- Step Brothers with Will Ferrell."

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