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by Staff Writer / Buffalo Sabres
Dear Fans:

Thanks so much for continuing to share your creative ideas and suggestions with us. When we first started the Suggestion Box I would have expected a few hundred responses at date we have received nearly 7,000!

I find myself reading them all the the office, at the hotel, on the plane, on the bus, you name it, everywhere. It’s been a daily ritual just trying to keep up with them all and I greatly appreciate the challenge.

The passion and commitment of our fans is more than I would have expected but I embrace it greatly. I am also grateful and proud of all the hard work our staff has done in the few short weeks to implement many of the suggestions we have received and I look forward to being able to implement many more in the coming months.  Keep the great ideas coming!     

Thanks again for sharing your thoughts with us...and let’s go Sabres!


Ted Black - President


Can you provide a way for fans to check the balance of their SabreBuck Cards?

We have installed machines around the Arena that will allow fans to simply swipe their SabreBuck Cards and immediately find out their balance.  There are six of these machines (pictured at right) that can be found at the following locations around HSBC Arena:

•    Outside of The Sabres Store
•    Outside of the Account Services office
•    100 Level Harbour Club
•    100 Level near the ATM outside of the Blue Zone (Section 102/Aisle 4)
•    200 Level near the ATM at 200 Level Bridge (Studio 200)
•    300 Level near the ATM at the top of escalator (Section 300/Aisle 1)

Tom Matheny – Database Marketing Manager


You should have a “Gold Rush” or a “Sea of Gold” in the crowd.

This was a popular suggestion. We plan to provide a gold “7th Man” towel to all fans in attendance at Fan Appreciation Night on Friday, April 8 against Philadelphia. 

Rob Kopacz – Director of Marketing


You should honor Rick Martin by painting a #7 on the ice.

We painted a blue “7” behind each goal prior to the game against the Atlanta Thrashers on March 19 as a way to honor the Sabre legend.  We will never forget Rico, and will discuss with his family ways to continue to honor his spirit.

Ted Black – President


There is a lack of hot water in many of the restrooms.

We recently had our maintenance staff go through all of our restrooms and make the necessary adjustments and repairs to our mixing valves to ensure all sinks are getting the proper mix of hot and cold water. We will continue to monitor this situation throughout the season.

Stan Makowski, Jr. - Director of Arena Operations


You should provide healthier options at the concession stands.

For those of you seeking healthier concession options at HSBC Arena, the Sabres and our concessionaire, Sportservice, would like to make you aware of the following items we currently provide and where to find them.  In addition to the items listed below, we will be working with Sportservice to create Grab-N-Go locations in the Arena next season. These stores will feature a variety of healthy alternatives.

Caesar Salad/Chicken Caesar Salad/Wraps
   -    Aisle 7/8 Sections 106-107 Pile High Deli
Bottled Water
   -    Every Concession Stand & Food Vendors
   -    HC100 Club Buffet
   -    Apple/Orange Juice
   -    Aisle 6 – Perry’s Ice Cream Stand Section 104/105
   -    Kids Cove Creamery – Section 116 Food Court
Powerade/Vitamin Water
   -    Nacho Cove 100 Section 119-120
   -    Kids Cove Creamery – Section 116 Food Court
   -    Nacho Cove 300 Section 304-305
Chicken Sandwich
   -    Buffalo Grill Aisle 2 Section 101-102
   -    Buffalo Grill Section 319-322
Turkey Burger
   -    Burger Stand Food Court Section 118-119
   -    Mexican Cove Food Court Section 117
   -    Caliente Corner Section 103-104 Aisle 5-6
Taco Salad
   -    Caliente Corner Section 103-104 Aisle 5-6
Fish Sandwich – Serve during Lent Only
   -     Buffalo Grill Aisle 2 Section 101-102
   -    Buffalo Grill Section 319-322
   -    Burger Stand Food Court Section 118-119 (FISH FRY)
Hot Tea
   -    Every Concession Stand that’s sells Coffee, has tea bags
Carved Turkey Sandwich
   -    200 level Studio 200
Chicken Quesadilla – 200 Level Grill Stand

Tom Ahern – Director of Arena Services


I would enjoy more news and information about the team on

In an effort to increase the amount of coverage on our Website as the team continues to battle for a playoff spot, will be sending a staff member to each of the remaining road games to give fans the same level of coverage as home games.  Visitors to the site will also see more blog entries and Twitter posts as we keep fans up to speed on the Sabres' playoff push.

Scott Miner - Website Manager & Rob Crean - Web Content Coordinator
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