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by Kevin Snow / Buffalo Sabres
Kevin Snow (Photo: Bill Wippert)
It was exactly six years ago today that I walked into the Buffalo Sabres offices at HSBC Arena on my first day as a full-time employee. Less than an hour after I started as the team’s new Manager of Publications & Hockey Information, Mike Gilbert (Director of Public Relations) brought me into a meeting with a local printer to discuss how we were going to produce the 2005-06 media guide. Talk about full speed ahead. And it hasn’t stopped since.

Now I’ve moved on from the PR department to join the burgeoning New Media team that runs (among other things). While I’m less than thrilled to give up my prime office window seat to a kid just one year removed from college, this is a tremendous opportunity that I am excited to take on. Throughout the year I look forward to providing you with daily Sabres coverage as the beat writer for, along with giving fans a more in-depth look at the players inside the uniforms.

But if I’m going to be writing about the players, it’s probably only fair that you know a little more about me. My background is journalism, and I’ve written for a number of national media outlets over the past 20 years including TV Guide Canada and The Associated Press. There was even a brief time when I was – gasp! – a blogger.

Now, let’s address the elephant in the room: yes, I am Canadian. Born in Calgary, but raised in Brad Boyes’ hometown of Mississauga, Ontario. And while I’m not going to deny that I grew up a Maple Leafs fan, being so close to the border also allowed me to follow the Sabres. I made numerous trips to The Aud and Marine Midland Arena before I moved here for good in October 2000 following my marriage.

One of the first things I did after relocating to Buffalo was purchase a 10-pack of Sabres tickets. My wife was a casual hockey fan when we first met, with her only NHL memories being of the Hartford Whalers because she’s from Connecticut. I made sure that changed in a hurry. It didn’t take long for her to become a Sabres fan. On the nights we weren’t at the games, she was suddenly sitting next to me for our post-game viewings of Hockey Hotline on Empire. She also claims that our daughter was named at a Sabres/Leafs game in 2002. According to her, I suggested the name “Alexandra” because it was very close to Alexander Mogilny. I am happy to say that Alexandra was born later that year and is now a proud member of the Buffalo Bisons Hockey organization. We also have a (female) beagle named Marty Biron, but that’s a story for another time.

There have been a number of memorable moments during my first six years with the Sabres, and I have no doubt the years to come will only get better. The energy provided by the Pegula family and Ted Black has brought a buzz to the city of Buffalo unlike anything I’ve experienced before. Now it’s my job to share that excitement with you.

I’m always available to connect with fans via both email ( and Twitter (@kwsnow). Let me know what you want to read about, or if there are ways that I can make our Sabres coverage as complete as possible. We want to be your first stop for all-things Sabres this season!
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