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by Anthony Florentino / Buffalo Sabres
(Photo Credit: Bill Wippert)

Being one of the older guys at development camp, you begin to take on a different role. It's stepping up, being a leader and letting the younger guys know what's going on, making sure that they're on time and letting them know that you can help them with basically anything they need.

This is my fourth camp, and it's probably the most comfortable I've ever been. I feel really familiar with the coaches and we get along great. I'm 21 years old and I know can go talk with them whenever I need to. Some of the younger guys might not understand that yet, that the coach is available on and off the ice.

I've become one of the older guys in school, too, and this year I'll be going back to Providence College for my senior season. Seeing the program grow over four years and being able to say I was a part of it, from winning a national championship two years ago to having the most wins in program history last year, is an amazing feeling.

But everyone knows that every hockey player has a date where their time runs out, so I'm proud that I'll also be receiving my degree in Social Sciences. It's special not only for me, but for my family that has always stressed the importance of education.

One day I hope to have my own family and I want to provide for them the best I can. Hopefully I can play hockey for a long, long time, but then it will be time to help out the young guys again. I'll take my degree and, if everything works out, head back to my high school in South Kent so I can coach and teach.

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