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by Brian Duff / Buffalo Sabres


It's becoming commonplace in this space for Jack Eichel and Sam Reinhart to be the "lead story" and even with an injury to the latter and essentially a week of downtime due to the All-Star break, the pair of rookies have held their position in this edition of Duffalo.


While one could assume that it was Eichel earning the lead based on his four-point finish over two games before the break, "the moment" if you will, actually happened way back on January 18 vs Arizona.

When Dan and Rayzor handed things off to Brad and me for the post game show that night, we were all just watching them come down the hall together after an end-of-game melee and well-earned win.

I specifically made mention of the image of Jack and Sam together, and how it should it immediately become people's screen saver or home page image.

What came next is something you can never really expect.

People ask us all the time "What's it like working for the Pegulas?"

I think that text message pretty much sums it up.

They listen. They care. And they want to win.

Just like the rest of us in Buffalo and Western New York.

Another lighter moment from the past month came courtesy of Jamie McGinn and Philip Varone versus the Capitals.

I couldn't wait to talk to both of them about it. And as expected, they both burst out laughing. Words won't do it justice trying to describe their mannerisms, imitations and reactions of trying to "re-live" the moment.

But just know that Varone thought it was a terrific gesture from a really good team guy, and that is the one thing that has become most apparent from our time around McGinn this season. He is absolutely a team guy.

Congratulations to the city of Nashville, and the Predators for putting on a world class All-Star Weekend.

I think we all expected it be great, and it absolutely was.

And with former Sabre John Scott winning MVP honors, it gives us more reason to celebrate his "legacy" in Buffalo.


While John Scott was the media's gem the entire weekend, our crew managed to find the one and only Jewel for a splendid performance at the very intimate and unique venue known as Third and Lindsley.

Confident, funny, engaging, self-deprecating and immensely talented would be the best way to sum up her on-stage persona. Really glad we were able to catch this show, especially when an all-star cast joined her for David Bowie's "Heroes" for the final encore.

The best part of and biggest reason why live shows are so appealing is you never know what may happen.

Now this concert was a little more predictable, knowing that the band would be playing "Everything In Transit" in its entirety as part of this limited run anniversary tour.

But check out song 13 on the setlist that night

Lead singer Andrew McMahon couldn't have been more passionate in his build up to the Bowie cover, noting that when they were originally recording the album back in 2005, Bowie's music was a constant sound of inspiration for the band.

As for an upcoming Beyond Blue and Gold featuring Ryan O'Reilly…

We can't promise yet another Bowie cover, or even Baba O'Riley, but know this - Ryan's drive to be exceptional at everything he attempts, will be the overriding theme of this story.

Meanwhile, before BBG bursts back onto your screens, Sabres Showdown takes precedence starting Wednesday night during our broadcast from Montreal. Remember to fill out your brackets!


This coming Monday - Feb. 8 - the Sabres and the SPCA Serving Erie County come together in the hopes of finding some adorable pets the perfect home.

Monday's a busy day as a day-long blood drive for Unyts happens at First Niagara Center.

For the period ending February 2, 2016

1.Panos On Elmwood  -Pretty sure we still have leftover pancakes from two weeks ago! What a feast.

2.The Century Grill - A place that should never be overlooked when you are hanging out downtown

3.The O'Reillys - In pursuit of some great stories - and this could turn into a three-part BBG - we have spent a lot of time with Ryan, his girlfriend Dayna, and his parents Brian and Bonnie lately. Their cooperation, candidness and trust have been unbelievable.

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