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by Mark Blaszak / Buffalo Sabres

“Beyond Blue and Gold” presented by New Era is all about capturing moments. A lot of time, planning and effort go into making sure the videographers are ready to capture the moments. After shooting over 30 episodes of Beyond Blue and Gold, there has been no shortage of moments.

Zach Bogosian
's episode is no different.

Zach was very welcoming when our four-person crew showed up at his house. He took the time to start a great wood-burning fire in his fireplace. We knew immediately we had to showcase the fireplace in his interview.

Before we even got our cameras setup, a knock came at Zach's door. It was the gutter cleaners that Zach had no idea would be stopping by the afternoon we shot. This led to him having to get his two dogs out of the yard so the gutter cleaners could go to the back of the house.

It turned out to be a great moment as Zach walked the dogs up the stairs as the dogs cried over knowing they would be left in a bedroom during our interview. We barely had our cameras out of the bag when it all happened.

This is what I love about shooting BBG. Our crew never knows exactly what will happen and what we are walking into.

“Beyond Blue and Gold” is collaboration of videographers, editors and producers. The main objective is to tell a visually compelling story. I find it amazing to sit back and think of how an episode evolved from the initial brainstorm meeting to watching the final edit.

We always try to use the best of the best footage. Episodes could easily be longer. The Bogosian episode had about three hours of footage for the final six-minute episode. From the very start of BBG, we always felt it is better to show 5-7 minutes of the very best moments rather than 22 minutes of mediocre footage.

Thanks for watching and keep an eye out for more episodes throughout the season.

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