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The Official Site of the Buffalo Sabres


by Erin Pollina / Buffalo Sabres
Sabres Fans (Getty Images)

The hockey fan is a rabid fan… And sometimes I think the Sabres fan is an entirely different entity.

If I didn’t know that before I started working in the NHL – I certainly do now. And its not that I ever doubted the passion of Buffalo sports fans, but I severely underestimated how deep that love went.

We get A LOT of emails at There are congratulatory messages when the team wins, and a lot of…advice…when a game is less than perfect. More recently, there were messages of praise for Ryan Miller and his Olympic performance [that filled up the inbox pretty quickly], and letters of concern for Mike Grier when his mother passed away earlier in the season.

Whatever the case, the fans want to be a part of it – and it’s nice to see.

Player sites are no exception to the rule. It’s one of the more constant requests – with the exception of an autograph. People want to know which websites are official and where they kind find more information on their favorite player whether it’s twitter, facebook, or the World Wide Web.

I thought I would finally post these somewhere for you to check out (if you haven’t already). There are only a few, but they might be of some interest:


Miller’s web site not only promotes his Steadfast Foundation, but it also has links to his clothing store in Michigan and shows a more personal side of the goaltender. There is a blog that he updates from time-to-time, photos, brief updates and even a few contests.


Paul Gaustad created a site to help raise funds for his charity of choice – Camp Good Days and Special Times – which helps children affected by cancer. Fans can purchase ‘Goose’ hats, check out some pictures and help a good cause.


Thomas Vanek has a lot of information on his site. From the personal (he and his wife are expecting twins in November) to the professional (interviews discussing some nagging injuries last season) there is a surprising amount of content from one of the more private players. Vanek, like Miller, also has a blog and some exclusive video content on the site as well.


Pat Kaleta has a site dedicated to his charity, the HITS Foundation (Helping Individuals To Smile). The organization aims to help make hockey more affordable for Buffalo families, and has some information on Kaleta as well. There are also links to several upcoming events that the winger is headlining, including a volleyball game and a golf tournament (check later this week for more).

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