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by Staff Writer / Buffalo Sabres
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12.13.07, 12:10 p.m. ::::

updated 12:33 p.m.

It's a good day in HSBC Arena.

Defenseman Teppo Numminen practiced during an optional skate this morning with the team and looked good.

Numminen's return to the lineup could come in a matter of weeks.

General manager Darcy Regier, head coach Lindy Ruff and Numminen each addressed the media. 

Here's a snippet of Regier's press conference.


Listen to the full interviews of Darcy Regier and Teppo Numminen below.

Regier Interview 
Numminen Interview
On Numminen's status:

"He's cleared to practice with the team.  Based on what I watched out there, he looked pretty good, so it's a good start.  We're excited and I think he's excited."

Has he made the decision whether or not to continue his career?

"I think it's something that will progress and is personal to him.  Certainly, we're moving forward at this point. "

From a team standpoint, does he stay suspended until he can return to the lineup on a full-time basis?

"We will reinstate him at a time when he's cleared to play in NHL games.  I don't know what that time frame will be.  He'll have a lot to say about it.  The doctors will obviously have the most to say about it. We'll go with that time line."
When you say he's cleared, is it your doctors or is it the Cleveland Clinic's doctors?

"Ultimately, it's our doctors that make that decision.  But certainly, the Cleveland Clinic doctors will have the bulk of the say as it relates to his condition."

Do you have a general idea of how many months the recovery process could take?

"I don't think it's months.  I think we're talking in terms of weeks. As far as his conditioning, I spoke with Doug McKenny, who is our strength and conditioning coach, and Teppo is in good shape.  He's never been a muscle man.  He's about smarts, intelligence, good feet, good hands and good head."

Read Regier's full interview here

More coverage to come on throughout the day.
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