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by Staff Writer / Buffalo Sabres
Derek Roy (photo: Bill Wippert)
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Every two weeks, registered customers get to text their questions to a specific player. Answers to select questions are then posted on

The latest interview was with Buffalo Sabres forward Derek Roy:

After having a breakout year last season, what can you do to make sure the Sabres secure a playoff spot this year?

"Basically just get a better start than I did last year I think. Coming into last season I didn’t start off the way I wanted to so personally I want to be ready for the season both mentally and physically.

"As a team, as a unit, the same concept I think applies."

What is your favorite TV show and why?

"I would have to say Entourage. I got into the show and the characters and it kind of reminds me of my friends, the way we hang out and joke around. It brings me back to Ottawa where I grew up.

"I missed the season premiere last night, but I am definitely going to watch it on HBO today."

What is the best team-building exercise that Lindy Ruff has ever taken you on?

"We went bowling one time when we were in Colorado. Lindy is a good bowler, so I think he maybe wanted to just show off his skills. He was definitely the best bowler out there. It was pretty funny actually because some of the guys have never bowled before… made it pretty interesting that way.

"I actually didn’t do too bad. I did alright even though I hadn’t bowled in a while. I just kind of threw it down the middle of the lane and hoped for good things to happen."

What do you think about the Craig Rivet trade? What do you know about him?

"I met him a couple of weeks ago and he is a really nice guy. He is experienced and has a lot of leadership and I think that will translate in the dressing room.

"He is a great player, has tremendous skill and a hard shot. We needed a right-handed defenseman for this year and he just fits our team really well."

What was it like having NHL Network film a “MTV Cribs” episode with you last season?

"It was interesting for sure. It wasn’t planned, hence the house being a little dirty. They just came in to do a one-on-one interview and wanted something more personal.

"I just busted out the guitar and drum set, did a little interview and showed them around. It didn’t start out as a “Cribs” episode, but they wanted to get to know the players a little more so it kind of turned into that. But it was fun."

In the offseason, do players take risks or does the team prohibit them? For example, would the team tell you not to do something like skydiving?

"We have contracts and we’re not allowed to do certain things that can hurt you so skydiving would fall into that category for sure. In general you kind of try to stay away from risky things. You’re not 15 years old anymore and you can’t go out and have no care in the world about your body. You have to think about the season, be ready for it and act like a professional athlete."

Where do you spend most of your time in the summer? What is the best vacation spot you have ever been to?

"I actually went to Cabo this summer and that was a lot of fun. It’s amazing there. Everyday it seems there isn’t a cloud in the sky and it’s just a beautiful country. I like going to Mexico. I bought a lake house in Muskoka it’s about two hours north of Toronto. I do a lot of boating and fishing during the summer time. I kind of just lay back and relax, get away from hockey and enjoy the scenery."

Is it true that ROY is not the correct pronunciation of your last name? If so, what is?

"ROY is the English way to pronounce it, but I have French heritage – my family is French and I went to French school my school my whole life. The correct pronunciation is actually WEH."

What is the best golf course in Buffalo that you play at? Best course you have ever played?

"I like playing at Brookefield a lot as well as Park Club and Orchard Park. There are a lot of great courses in this area. The best place I would say I have ever been to was Oviinbyrd, which is a private course in Muskoka."
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