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Transcripts following Game 1

by Staff Writer / Detroit Red Wings
DETROIT -- Post-game quotes following the Red Wings' 2-1 win over the Anaheim Ducks in Game 1 of the Western Conference finals at Joe Louis Arena on Friday night.

Questions for Coach Mike Babcock
Q. Sure you're not looking for style points on goals; you'll take them any way you can get them? MIKE BABCOCK: No, I mean, it's the goal. We got the puck in the net on the power play. We had traffic. It was a good goal. We missed a layup. Samuelsson and Zetterberg should have had three power-play goals tonight when you look at it that way. He missed a wide-open net. He had all day. I don't know if he just let up on whatever. It was good to see our power-play work. It's important in this series just because of the fact they're way more prone to taking penalties than we are. Normally that straightens out as the series goes on. That will be advantage to us then.

Q. Did you think they got a lot of chances on Dominik Hasek?

MIKE BABCOCK: I thought Dom was outstanding. I talked to a lot of the guys afterwards. Everybody said the same thing. We didn't have legs. Last time when we came back before the San Jose series, the first game against San Jose we had no legs either. We thought we had done the right thing by giving them a day off and then skating them and getting ready. So this time they didn't want a day off, they wanted to have an optional. We still had no legs. So we better get that fixed.

Q. Talk about the special teams.

MIKE BABCOCK: They're real important. We got down five-on-three and four-on-three. It's interesting. But we did. Getzlaf hit a post. They ran a pick play there. Getzlaf hit the post. We got a break there. I thought Dom shut the door on our penalty killer, was really battled. Obviously Z wanted to make it a little interesting there at the end, one more crack at it kind of thing.

Q. Are you at all concerned about how your D is going to hold up to that physical pounding, throwing guys at the net all the time?

MIKE BABCOCK: Yeah, I mean, if we play like we did tonight and didn't get after them the whole series, that could be a concern for us. But I'm not concerned. I thought we had better play in the third period. I think we'll get our legs and I think we'll get jumping here. We have to play with more tempo, which I think we will. I'm not concerned about that.

Q. Are you worried about players in the crease?

MIKE BABCOCK: I'm not allowed to call the penalties. If I'm allowed to go off the record right now, we can talk about a whole bunch of stuff. I assume it's not off the record, so I can't get into that stuff.

Questions for Holmstrom and Zetterberg
Q. Tomas, on the winning goal, did it hit you or any one of those Ducks? What happened?

TOMAS HOLMSTROM: I think it hit my stick, glove. I felt like it hit the stick when I turned.

Q. Your coach said it didn't feel like you had your legs? Did it help to have Hasek back there saving you?

HENRIK ZETTERBERG: I think, yeah. We're in the box the first period a little bit too many times. It's tough to get everyone going. So I think if we stay out of the box, I think we get more guys on the ice, we'll be better.

Q. Talk about the chippiness in the game. A lot of penalties were called. Was it hard to stay focused as far as all the special teams that had to go on tonight?

HENRIK ZETTERBERG: Of course, when it's a lot of special teams, some guys are not out there, you know, and I think it's tough to get it going. But I think it's the same thing for both teams so you just have to find a way to handle it.

Q. Tomas, how would you rate this game in terms of punishment in front of the net for you? Seemed like Pronger and you were going at it pretty good at one time.

TOMAS HOLMSTROM: Yeah, it was on power?play, Pronger, he was hitting me in the back, but that's okay. It's playoffs. You're going to get punished around the net. But it was a little bit more than normally. So, yeah.

Q. Henrik, had you a long layoff before the playoffs started. Did you feel this was your strongest game? It sort of looked like it.

HENRIK ZETTERBERG: I think the more you play, the more you get back in game shape. As I said before, timing-wise it gets better and better with every game. Conditioning-wise, I feel good. You know, so it was a good game today, but I think it's tough to say if it was the best one.

Q. Can you talk a little bit about the play of Dom behind you. Seemed you were clearing the way for him to see the pucks. Can you talk about his game tonight?

TOMAS HOLMSTROM: I don't think we got so many shots on the net as we wanted. They're a good team, kept us on the outside. You know, he did some good saves, too.

Q. When players get caught up in wrestling with you in front of the net, especially during a power-play, do you feel like that's part of you've got half the job done there when you got them caught up with you?

TOMAS HOLMSTROM: You know, Hank and Pavel, they do their thing in the corner. Just try to get ready to do the screen first so the goalie can't see the puck. If they can tip it, they can tip it. Yeah, for sure, I want to screen the goal. If he can't see the puck, it's harder for him to save it.

Q. You know that you had a lot of penalties tonight, but what other things do you need to clean up for Sunday's game for a better performance?

HENRIK ZETTERBERG: I think that's a big key for us, to stay out of the box, and also maybe take care of the puck a little bit more on the bluelines, our blueline and especially on their blueline, get it a little bit more deep and work on their D a little bit.

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