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Post-Game Quotes vs. Penguins

by Bill Roose / Detroit Red Wings


Brad Richards
Goals: 3 | Assists: 7 | Pts: 10
Shots: 77 | +/-: 6
What comes to mind about the outcome of this game?

“They came in they were desperate probably, probably a little grittier for some reason than us. We got out of our game, I think, as it went on. I don’t, just didn’t have the right flow, I think, after they scored those PP goals. We weren’t awful, but we gotta realize as the year goes every game gets more important everybody and you can see the hunger on other teams right now.”

How much of tonight’s outcome is pinned on special teams?

“Well, they scored two (power-play goals), we didn’t score any … again. So we’ve got to pick that up. But obviously it’s still 2-2 going into the third. We’re in a position to win a game, so every game you can point to something when it’s over, but whether you score on the power plays in the first two periods or not you still have confidence that you’ll be able to close out a game. I guess we got one in the third there and the goalie pulled there if you call that a power play, so we had our opportunities to get something done and we didn’t. That’s a couple games now that obviously our power play – gotta face that music and get a lot better.”

Despite their power-play goals, did you feel that you gave the Penguins too many chances, too many shots?

“You don’t want to get anybody – you’re trying to limit everything you can out there – but they’re humans same as us trying to win a hockey game. Some nights they’re gonna get you. They have a lot of skill. We did some good things at times, but I don’t think, like I said, we got a little out of what we wanted to do, and some of that might be us, some of that’s them. Whatever it is, every night’s a different type of game. That took that type of life on tonight. Like I said, it’s still 2-2 going into the third. In this league you’re going to be in that position a lot the rest of the way here. So we’ve gotta figure out how to get a point or two out of these situations.”

What’s the difference now with the three-game losing streak from before when you were getting points almost every game?

“I don’t think we’ve been consistent throughout everything, 5 on 5, special teams, the whole thing overall, offensively, defensively, so we came out of the break with a good, solid win in Nashville and for whatever reason we’ve been up and down in different areas since. This is a marathon. It’s not the first time it’s ever happened to a team. We’ve got good people in here that will we’re gonna chew on this and everybody’s … no one likes coming in here after that third period. So we’ve got a good chance, two games here on the road to get right back on track. Play Saturday afternoon and like I said, no one’s happy. We’re gonna get back to work. We’re very confident that we can turn this into a blip on the radar, but we’ve got to learn from it.”

What are you seeing, or not seeing, out of the power play right now?

“It’s been the same power play, I mean, sometimes when things go the other way like that you start trying things that are a little less simple. We tried to get some pucks to the net tonight. The goalie smothered a few, but sometimes we’re making plays that are getting intercepted and sometimes that’s just not being simple, maybe trying too hard, trying to find that great play to make it work. Everybody cares, just trying out there to score goals, so sometimes you can do that. I’m sure we’ll look at it, get back to basics and try to pound pucks, get traffic. It seems this poer play, and not just this year over the years, the way they do it here, that’s how it works and we have to get that ingrained.”


Petr Mrazek
Goalie  - DET
Record: 11-8-3
GAA: 2.31 | Sv%: .925
What sticks out in your mind about this game?

“We had a good start, 2-0 up. It wasn’t enough, they came back, two power-play goals by them. In the third period they scored two goals."

What is the biggest threat when the Penguins have the man-advantage?

“We knew they have good players on power play and when they throw everything to the net, try to do chaos in front of the net, put it in. We tried to be focused and do things right but they scored two goals on, I don’t know, two or three power plays.”

What happened on that first goal?

“I think I had it in my hand and the guy in front of me just pushed me with his hand, hit my blocker and the puck went.”

What did you see on Crosby's goal?

“I didn’t see that puck. Big E tried to block it and I think he fanned on it, Crosby, he just put it in like a baseball over my shoulder.”


Henrik Zetterberg
Goals: 6 | Assists: 22 | Pts: 28
Shots: 89 | +/-: 4
What happened after you got the 2-0 lead?

"Their power play got them back in the game and our power play didn't get us back in it. We had our chances on the power play but we couldn't really get any goals going."

The Penguins haven't put up a lot of points but how dangerous can a team like that be?

"All the teams are dangerous. If you look at their roster, they've got pretty good players over there, so we got to be ready if we want to win."

They got 37 shots, did you feel you gave them too many scoring chances?

"Yeah, even though they had a lot of power plays so they got a lot of shots there. I think we ended up with almost 35 ourselves. But there's a few areas where we can be a little tighter, I think that's one of the areas. Still too many turnovers tonight again. It will cost you when you play against these kind of players."

It was a 2-2 game going into the third, how do you think you guys responded?

"I thought we came out and had a pretty good push in the third, then they got their third one, a broken play, and both shots kind of knuckleballs, then right away they got the fourth one. It kind of killed the game right there."

The special teams, they scored two on the power play and you guys weren't able to?

"Game like this, you knew it was going to be tight and special teams would be big and they won that battle tonight."

What is the main cause of the turnovers?

"I think it's just wanting to do too much. You just got to be happy with the little things. You can't score every shift. A lot of shifts in this league are 50-50 and we got to be happy with that. The good thing here now we go on the road and maybe it's a little easier to play a little simpler on the road than home and we really got to take care of that."

Do you think you guys earned this losing streak or did you deserve a little better?

"In Minnesota we didn't deserve to win, I think, in Winnipeg we were right there. Tonight it's too early for me to really say anything. We got to look over what we did and not did. What's done is done, we just got to focus on what's coming up here against Buffalo."


Jonathan Ericsson returned to the Red Wings' lineup Thursday night after missing the past five with an upper-body injury. (Photo by Dave Reginek/Detroit Red Wings)

What are your thoughts on this one?

“Obviously you look at specialty teams. That’s three games in a row. Obviously, this league is so tight that when you end up in situations like that where you’re 0-2 on the specialty teams for the night you’re in trouble. The other night we gave up the shorty. In Minnesota, we went on the power play with the chance to tie it up and we gave up the power play goal later on. That part of it’s hard for sure. I thought we let it suck too much of the life out of us. We’ve got to dig in deeper than that. When we’re up 2-0 we need, I don’t want to say a killer instinct, but we really need to start taking the game over. We didn’t do a good enough job of that.”

Looking at last three games, what’s the biggest difference from when you were collecting points in nearly every game?

“Probably the difference is a minor difference. I don’t think there’s huge differences. Obviously we’ve given up too many goals here lately, at least in the last couple here. I still think we’ve got to do a way better job managing the puck. I still think we’ve got to got to a better job of making teams earn their chances. I still think we’re giving up way too many chances. Maybe we were during our stretch (of points), certainly at the end of that we weren’t playing good enough but we were still able to get points. We talked about the fact that we better straighten our game out, otherwise we’ll end up on the wrong side. Here we are, ending up on the wrong side for too many nights now.”

Can you talk about the little things as examples that you can’t come off it in this league or you’ll pay?

“You can’t come off it at all. If you come off it even a little bit, confidence is a big factor, too. We’ve got to find a way to earn our confidence back with really good play. You create your own confidence by the way you play. You can’t come off it at all because if you do, you’ll be in the sport we’re in.”

At 2-2 in the third, they get goals from their superstars, were you disappointed in the response from your side?

“In the end, whoever scores for them, that part of it is irrelevant. I just think as a group we needed to play better in those situations. Going back into the second period we needed to play better in those situations. Yes, as a group we need to be better. Am I disappointed in the way that we played in the third? Yeah, we weren’t good enough. So I guess the answer to that is yes overall.”

A lot of problems from turnovers, but was there anything else you are seeing there?

“Just a little more stopping on pucks and digging in a little more in those areas where once a puck turns over we’ve got to be a little bit tighter, making sure that we don’t give up those shots from good scoring areas. We’ve just got to make sure we limit those chances and certainly turnovers is one of those areas.”

What is Jurco’s status after not finishing this game?

“Upper-body injury and I don’t know his status further than he wasn’t going to finish the game.”

Were guys on the power play trying to make the perfect play again?

“I’ll be honest that there were moments on the power play, especially in the second period there where I thought the power play was real good. I didn’t think it was a matter of trying to make the perfect play. The problem isn’t necessarily tonight’s power play, it’s the cumulative effect of the last three games. If it’s that way every time, you’ll end up producing. You’re not going to score on every power play but it’s got to be that way every single time and then you’ll end up producing. I thought we shot it but we probably didn’t get the puck back (enough). Overall I’ll combine it. I don’t think it should just be talk about the power play. It’s specialty teams. We’ve given up too many goals when we’re on the penalty kill. Our specialty teams combined have to be better.”

Was it a bright spot that two goals came from guys delivering pucks to the net?

“That was a good start but I thought it was a little bit misleading. I didn’t think we outplayed them 2-0. I thought we gave up too many chances even after the first. Bottom line is we’ve got to be better. We’re going to have to find a way to pick up ourselves and be better tomorrow leading into Buff on Saturday.”

Have you decided whether you’ll call someone up from Grand Rapids?

“I haven’t even had a conversation on that. We’ve got personnel decisions we have to make but we’ll make them once I get more reports.”

How did Ericsson look to you after missing past five games with an upper-body injury?

“Johnny looked good but I thought he probably looked like he’d been out for a little bit, too. I think he’ll be better tomorrow than he was today. I think he looked a tad bit rusty but he’s still an impactful player in the game.”

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