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Post-Game Quotes vs Maple Leafs

by Bill Roose / Detroit Red Wings


Petr Mrazek
Goalie  - DET
Record: 26-14-6
GAA: 2.17 | Sv%: .925
That was a strange play on the goal, what did you see from your perspective?

“He had a breakaway, just tried to make a first save and you know, it went off my pads straight on his leg or (butt) and went in with him. So I didn’t see if it went in before he moved the net or not.”

How was it playing on back-to-back nights for yourself?

“I felt great today. I was very excited because last year when I had back to backs I was struggling a little bit. So I was getting ready for it and I was happy that I felt great here.”

How disappointing is this loss since you got 38 shots and only gave up the one goal but no points?

“Yeah, it’s a bit disappointing. Obviously, we play home and you want to score some goals. We had 35 or 38 shots and we tried to (inaudible), we just couldn’t get those rebounds there.”

Did you think that Ben Smith’s goal, which eventually was disallowed, would get called back?

“Well, I saw him move his arm towards the net, so I was hoping that they were gonna keep it no goal.”


Henrik Zetterberg
Goals: 12 | Assists: 31 | Pts: 43
Shots: 180 | +/-: -5
What are your thoughts on this one? You had a lot of shots, were they quality chances?

"You got to start with getting pucks to the net and then you got to try to be there for second chances. I thought we had some quality chances but not enough. Once again, it comes down to power play, we didn't really create enough there today either. When teams play like this, it's really tight. You got to take advantage when they're in the box."

They tried to muck it up, is that what you saw?

"Yeah, there's no surprise. We knew how they would play, especially when you get the lead, then they're clogging it up even more. But I thought we had 40 shots almost. We should be able to put at least one behind him in 40 shots."

Were turnovers an issue, especially early in the game?

"Yes. Turnovers in the first period was a big issue. I think we got a lot better in the second and in the third but in the first we turned the puck over too much. When you do that, then they get odd-man rushes and they spend time in your end instead of the other way."

It's kind of unusual to have three plays reviewed like that, isn't it?

"Yeah, it is. But that's the way I guess it is now and they should review the goals, too. It's got to be right. I think both of us got one back so that's the way it goes sometimes."

Does this take away some of the things you accomplished on this homestand?

"Yeah. Obviously you want to win this game. We played really good the other two here. Then we lose this one when we're not really playing, when we don't come up to the standard that we want to be at. But if you look back at these three games, four points, you obviously want six but you got four. Now we just got to go on the road and play good."

Losing Kronwall and Helm couldn’t have helped, right?

"No, two big pieces, play a lot of minutes but we got guys who can come in and play so we're going to be fine here."


Danny DeKeyser
Defense  - DET
Goals: 8 | Assists: 12 | Pts: 20
Shots: 62 | +/-: 6
You had trouble breaking pucks out of zone, a lot of turnovers. Is that because of the way they mucked it up?

"I think it was a little bit of both. They did a good job of taking away our options and kind of being above our forwards. Once we go the puck, they had a guy right on them so there wasn't a whole lot we could do. I thought would could have moved the puck a little better as well."

What was your take on the goal?

"He got behind us and he made a good play knocking down the pass. I can't say much about the goal. It looked like it went in. They ruled it a goal. That's how it stands. I don't have much else to say about that."

You had a lot of shots but did you feel you had a lot of quality chances?

"I didn't think we had enough quality chances. For the most part he did a good job of not letting rebounds come off him. They did a good job of keeping a lot of our chances to the outside. We didn't have a whole lot of Grade A chances."

Did three games in four nights have anything to do with tonight’s outcome?

"That didn't come to my mind at all. We played last night, so did they. They had to travel, too, so I don't think that had anything to do with it."

Not having Kronwall and Helm didn't help either, right?

"Those are two key players for us. When those guys are out that just means other guys have to step up and bring their game up a notch. Hopefully we can do that next game."

As exhilarating as yesterday’s win was, is this equally disappointing?

"It's tough. Yesterday we were on a high and we're pretty low today after that loss. Every game this time of year, especially for us with how close the standings are is a huge game. It's tough when you don't come away with points."

You haven't played them in a while. Do they look like a different team?

"A little bit. It's been a while. They've got a lot of younger kids in the lineup, some call-ups who are trying to get a spot on the team for next year so they're out there playing hard and they're playing for jobs. They're just going as hard as they can and they played well tonight."

Can you put your finger on what the problem is with the power play?

"There could be a few different things. We've got to get more pucks to the net. We have to have a net-front presence guy. And there's a few other guys on the flanks that can maybe get down on into the crease area a little bit more once we start firing pucks. Hopefully that picks up as the season goes on."


Danny DeKeyser defenders against Zach Hyman during the first period of Sunday's game with the Maple Leafs. DeKeyser was involved in the strange circumstances of Toronto's second-period goal. (Photo by Getty Images)

Would you agree that there weren’t enough quality chances on the inside?

“I didn’t think we had as many quality opportunities as would be reflected by the number of shots. I thought it was more shots than real, real … we didn’t get to enough seconds and they boxed us out and we didn’t do a good enough job of getting to the inside there.”

Did the Leafs do a good job of mucking it up?

“They played hard. I try to focus as much as I can on us. I think moments of the game we got better in us, moments in the game we were good but … ”

Did it look like two teams that played yesterday?

“I just think it’s the schedule. You got to find a way to win and we didn’t win, so now we got to turn around on Tuesday (in Philadelphia) and find a way to win.”

Were turnovers early on the root cause for the problems on zone break outs?

“Too many turnovers in the first, I thought unforced errors in the first period. We’re a team that when we turn the puck over lots we’re not nearly as good as when we don’t turn it over.”

This must be a huge disappointment after yesterday’s win, right?

“Every game is extremely important, so now we got to put our sights on Tuesday and say ‘How are we going to win the game on Tuesday?’ That’s what I’m thinking about. I’m not thinking about anything else. We’ll look at this game and learn from this game but now we got to put our sights and say how are we going to win on Tuesday?”

Do you have an update on Helm who sat this one out with the flu?

“I knew this morning that he was maybe … I don’t know his status except that he’s sick, so we’ll see.”

How bad are you missing that second kind of net-front guy to clean up some chances in front of the opposing net?

“Yeah, I thought we fought to get to the net but we didn’t have a good enough what I’d call a depth-of-screen guy, a guy around the hash mark there where the rebound kicks through lots and it did kick there a decent amount tonight.”

What did you think of Komarov’s hit on Datsyuk?

“I don’t know if you saw the play. Did you guys see the play? You can tell me what you think.”

Did Komarov at least deserve a penalty?

“I think it’s a cheap play.”

Did Datsyuk break his nose?

“I’m not sure on that.”

How unusual was it to have three plays reviewed?

“Yeah, it was unusual but they got it right in every case, I’d say.”

Why was there such a big lag in time for Datsyuk to come back into the game?

“He was being evaluated.”

What did you think of the Leafs’ goal?

“Petr made the save, kicked back off Grabner and then went into the net and then the post came off, so they made the right call.”

What did you think of the overall job that Mrazek did tonight knowing he was playing on back-to-back nights?

“I thought Petr was really good.”

The power play went 0-for-3 tonight, what can you say about the special teams play?

“They pressure you really hard, so when teams pressure you really hard you’re going to get one or two big-time chances and we certainly had one in the third but we’d like to see go in the net.” editor Dana Wakiji contributed to this report.

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