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Post-Game Quotes: vs. Hurricanes

by Dana Wakiji / Detroit Red Wings


Dylan Larkin and Teemu Pulkkinen teamed up on the Red Wings last goal of the night Friday. (Photo by Dan Mannes/Detroit Red Wings)

Your thoughts on the game?

Our guys know it, we weren’t good enough tonight. They had more jump than we had. Sometimes it comes down to schematic stuff, sometimes you’re playing well and it just doesn’t go your way. I thought tonight we didn’t win enough puck races, puck battles that it takes to win hockey games.

Two similar games against Carolina?

For whatever reason the two games against them so far they’ve been on their toes more than we’ve been on our toes. They’ve had a greater edge in the skating department. They’ve outskated us in the two games. That’s something we have to look at as a coaching staff to make sure that the next time we play them that doesn’t happen again. They’re a good hockey team. Regardless of their record coming in here, they’re a good hockey team. Every team in the league is and they certainly are. You have to skate and win puck battles and puck races and play from the right side of the puck and we didn’t do a good enough job of that tonight.

Carolina killed off the early third period power play and then scored?

That’s a big momentum change, obviously. I didn’t think we had played our best but we had made it 3-2 and we had started to push a little bit there at the end of the second and when you get the power play in the third, that’s a great chance to even the game up and then we don’t and they come down and score. So our power play has to be more effective. I talked about it the other day, specialty teams has a lot to do with timing and that was a timely moment where we needed a goal or at least momentum out of it.

Carolina out-shot you again?

They seem to do a better job of getting more pucks to the net. We gotta get a little more mentality over shooting the puck. We want to make plays first. I’m OK with us making plays but not over making plays. I’d rather us over shoot than over making plays and right now we’re over making plays.

Was there early complacency?

I can’t answer that. I think the one thing that’s important in this league and every league really but certainly important in this league is you have to be at your best every single night and we weren’t at our best. If you’re not at your best it’s hard to win. We probably found a way to win in game 2 when we weren’t at our best and it’s hard to do on a consistent basis.

What are the areas of concern?

Last game against Tampa I thought we were good. I’m not concerned schematically. If there’s two areas I think one is we’re turning too many pucks over and that’s a little bit coming out of our end but it’s a little bit all over the ice. And two is we gotta create more shots. Those would be two areas that are easy to improve at.


Gustav Nyquist
Right Wing  - DET
Goals: 2 | Assists: 1 | Pts: 3
Shots: 6 | +/-: E
Why were you not able to keep momentum in your favor after second-period rally?

It just wasn’t good enough today. We didn’t win enough battles out there. I thought we had a push in the second. At the end of the second I thought we played good, we played up to our standards, but other than that it just wasn’t good enough for us. Way too many turnovers, we lost too many battles and gave up way too many chances. We’ve just got to find a way to be better tomorrow.

Not good enough in any particular area or all over?

I think all over the ice. In the second we had some O-zone time but that was pretty much it. They got to break out way too easy. We didn’t get in hard on the forecheck. They were on us in the D-zone and we couldn’t break out. We weren’t in enough spots available for the D. A new game tomorrow, that’s the only positive thing.

Concern about number of shots you’ve given up in two games vs. Canes?

Yeah. We’re giving up way too many chances. They’re a team that’s trying to put as many pucks on net as possible. They don't pass up too many shots. That’s how they’re trying to create offense from rebounds and from overshooting the puck. That’s something we want to do, too but we’re just not shooting the puck enough. We’re not getting opportunities to shoot because we’re not working hard enough. We’ll be better tomorrow.

Biggest thing you want to see tomorrow vs. Habs?

I just think the energy and the battle level has got to get up. We’re going to see a team that’s won five straight. They’re a team in our division that we want to catch. It’s a big game for us.


Henrik Zetterberg
Left Wing  - DET
Goals: 2 | Assists: 6 | Pts: 8
Shots: 4 | +/-: 4
Your thoughts?

“We got a little momentum there in the second but we got to do better than this at the start.”

Giving up too many shots in two games vs. Canes?

“They’re a team that throws a lot of pucks at the net, from the corners and everywhere. Obviously, we want to be in lanes. I thought we were good enough in that part but it’s more the battles and they skated really hard and we didn’t.”

Start to game surprising?

“Obviously we want to have a better start but we didn’t. We got a chance to play again tomorrow in Montreal.”

Failed power play in third turned momentum?

“It would have been nice if we got a little momentum from that. We didn’t. It felt almost like they got momentum from their PK. But we just got to erase this. We got a flight to catch in a half hour and go to Montreal.”


Riley Sheahan
Center  - DET
Goals: 1 | Assists: 0 | Pts: 1
Shots: 7 | +/-: E
Too many lost battles?

“We’d kind of go in spurts. For us to be successful we got to be consistent, play all three periods the same way. Tonight we kind of put our foot on the pedal and take it off and then put it on and take it off. It’s something we got to work on, being a little more consistent.”

Why you couldn’t maintain the momentum?

“I think we got to lessen the turnovers, get the puck in the O-zone. We’re such a good offensive team, I think once we get it in their zone we’re good at cycling it around. It’s just a matter of getting in there. We had a few too many turnovers, lost battles at the blue lines and the neutral zone. We got to work on taking that out.”

Bad start?

“For sure, that’s two games where they kind of outplayed us. We don’t want to let that happen. I think we’ll regroup and go out tomorrow pretty hard and get off to a good start and build some momentum.”

Not skating well enough first half of game?

“Yeah, not skating, not being strong enough on your stick, making bad decisions in spots where we should just focus on getting the puck deep and making the easy play. They’re definitely things we can fix and I guess that’s a positive and we’ll look to do that.”

Anything about them that gives you trouble?

“Yeah, they have great players and they don’t give us much room out there. They’re kind of right on you. As soon as you get the puck you got to make decisions quick. They skate well and got some players that are tough to battle against and they did a good job tonight.”


Jimmy Howard
Goalie  - DET
Record: 2-1-0
GAA: 2.02 | Sv%: .924
Your thoughts?

In the second period we got it going a little bit, got the momentum, got those two quick goals there and played really good going into the end of the second. Then we gave up that fourth one. That was disappointing.

Lots of shots again vs. Canes. Any defensive concerns?

No, I don’t think so. It’s still early in the year. We played really well against Toronto and Tampa. I think it’s just paying attention to the details.

Third period power-play failure and then they score. Huge momentum swing?

It’s tough. They made a good play. Staal, Skinner and Versteeg, they made a good play. All of them inside the hash marks and they just buried it.

Any complacency after 3-0 start?

No. None of that. I just think it’s an 82-game schedule and you’re going to have some of these bumps along the way. We’ve just got to have short-term memory and get ready for Montreal.

Your overall game tonight?

Could have been better.


Your thoughts?

“In all of our games, we've been right there to win .. . We've been in every game so far. It's nice to finally win one.”

On getting first win?

“It's great. Really rewarding. We should have gotten it before tonight. But it was a big win tonight.”


On the win?

“It's huge. Especially coming off the game we played in Florida. Tonight was a good rebound from that.

How about McGinn's goal?

“For me to be part of his first goal was fun.”

You finally got your first career goal vs. Detroit?

“I knew, Let's just say it was nice to get that monkey off my back).”


How was your first game?

“You don't ever expect to come into the league like that. But a lot of fun and a great game.”

How about your goal?

“The guy took away the passing lane so I just shot it and the puck came right back to me.”

How about the game overall?

“We got two points because of the way we played and we just have to carry that into the next game.”


On first win?

“(Feels) Real good. You've got to get started, got to get something to build off of. We've got to build off this one now.”

On not panicking when it was 3-2?

“We just talked about staying aggressive but in an intelligent fashion. Just play the game the right way.”

How about McGinn?

“He'll never forget that one, will he? Nice debut for him. Like I said, he wants to make it hard for us to send him back.”

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