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Post-Game Quotes vs. Flyers

by Bill Roose / Detroit Red Wings


Petr Mrazek
Goalie  - DET
Record: 16-8-4
GAA: 2.10 | Sv%: .931
Even though you lost, wasn’t this one of your best games of the season?

“Yeah, I think both teams played well, had lots of chances. (Michal) Neuvirth played outstanding for them today. I would rather have one point than zero, but we wanted two.”

You and Neuvirth tapped gloves before switching ends for overtime, do you guys know each other that well?

“Yeah, we know each other. We knew it was gonna be a good battle, you could see it. He made some outstanding saves, hold them in the game. You know, they came back in the third period.”

You were chatting with Jakub Voracek too at one point in the game, you know him?

“Yeah, he had some chances, some shots there. Too bad he scored in a shootout.”

What happened in the final seconds of the third period when Simmonds hit you in the head?

“Yeah, he jumped and he hit my head on the left side. I just feel the pressure you know. I just went down and I think that was a good call by the referee.”

What did you see on Giroux’s tying goal in the third period?

“Nice play by Voracek from the back of the net. I didn’t see through She (Riley Sheahan), the shot coming. I saw it late and it go in far side, low blocker.”

Did you feel you got a piece of the puck on that first goal?

“I might have got a piece of it but not enough.”


Niklas Kronwall
Defense  - DET
Goals: 3 | Assists: 14 | Pts: 17
Shots: 43 | +/-: -10
What happened on your goal?

"Pretty good play off the face-off. Pav strong on the face-off and E saw the hole and jumped and just slid it over, Helm was a great net-front presence so the goalie didn't see anything. We got a lucky bounce there."

Any concern they might overturn the goal with possible goaltender interference from Helm?

"I saw the replay right by the bench, it didn't look like it was going to get overturned."

There was some good goaltending in this one, wasn't there?

"Great goaltending, like you said. Power play, obviously we need to find one. PK was decent but that five-minute (power play) right off the start, you want to make something out of it."

Did you have a chance to look at that Ryan White hit on Tomas Jurco?

"I just saw the replay briefly. I thought it looked like the right call."

Is it a little tough to get that long power play so early in the game?

"Shouldn't be. That's no excuse. You've got to find a way to get a goal or two there, it's a great opportunity to really get a head start, but we didn't take advantage of it. But they're a good team. I thought we did a lot of good things though, a lot of energy, just couldn't find the back of the net."

On the flip side, how pleased were you with the 5-on-3 penalty kill in the third period?

"Huge kill, obviously in that moment of the game even bigger. Big kill for us."

Often the first game after a long trip is rough, but you didn't seem to have trouble, did you?

"That used to be the case, maybe when we were a little older (as a team) but I thought we had a lot of energy tonight. I thought we did a lot of good things."

How nice is it to be home for a bit?

"There's no doubt. It's fun to get on the road but it's nice to be home with your family and see them a little bit."

Datsyuk has factored into your last six goals, how good has he been?

"For us, he's always good, whether he's putting up points or not. If he's not, it's just because the goalies are standing on their head. But he's been playing out of his mind here as of late. Obviously lucky to be having him on our side."

Good to see Pulkkinen back out there again after this separated shoulder injury?

"Yeah, it was good. It's been a long time he's been out. I thought he did a great job, had some opportunities, lots of energy."


Henrik Zetterberg
Goals: 7 | Assists: 23 | Pts: 30
Shots: 97 | +/-: 4
That was the team’s 13th blown-third period lead this season, are you disappointed in lack of scoring?

“We’ve played good lately. Today I thought we played pretty good all the way in. Those games that you probably mentioned, we stopped playing in the third. We didn’t do that today. We kept going. We had a big kill at the end. I thought in overtime we had some chances.”

How good has Datsyuk looked to you these past few games?

“He’s playing good. He’s feeling it. He’s been playing well for us here for the last two months, probably our best player. He’s got a lot of strength in him, he skates well and when he skates that well he’s dangerous.”

What about the job Mrazek continues to do this month?

“He was good. Both goalies were good tonight. He was good for us. He had some big, big saves at the 5-on-3 there at the end. He came up huge. All the killers that played there they did a really good job.”

What did you think of the five-minute power play that you didn’t score on in the first period?

“Both teams created a lot of chances but the goalie was in front of the puck or it hit the iron.”

Were you glad to have a bit of a light schedule this week?

“It was nice to come home and see your family and this week is going to be good.”


Niklas Kronwall's second-period goal gave the Red Wings a 1-0 lead. It was the defenseman's first goal in 19 games, going back to his game-winner against Arizona on Dec. 3. (Photo by Dave Reginek/Detroit Red Wings)

There was a lot of good goaltending in this one, wasn't there?

"First of all I thought it was a good hockey game, to be honest with you. I thought it was obviously a lot of push back and forth. Lots of power play. Both teams had their chances on that. I actually thought there were some good chances both ways and both goalies played good. It’s not the result we want, from a process standpoint. I thought we did lots of good stuff. I think we need more net presence and we obviously need more results in terms of scoring goals."

How disappointing not to score on the five-minute power play in the first period?

"Disappointed, yeah, you want to score. You have a power play like that early you certainly want to score. I thought Pavel and Z’s unit had moments of good stuff in the zone. The one thing about the power play – we talked about this lots – is you can have a great power play and not score. That’s just the reality of power plays. But the other unit had some entries where I thought we could have had time to set up and just didn’t get set up, so it was disappointing."

Was Mrazek even above his normal self?

"He played real well, but I think that is who he is. I thought their guy played real well, too. I think in order to win in this league, most teams need elite goaltending and he’s given us elite goaltending, so that’s great."

How about the penalty kill stepping up late in the third?

"I thought our PK came up big and part of that obviously is Petr. That’s big moments for sure. You’re in a tough spot there and preserved the point. We want to get as many points as we can so it was a big point for us."

What did you think of Pulkkinen’s return to the power play?

"I don’t think he got set up enough probably. I thought Pulky was good overall, though. The one thing about Pulky is he plays hard and competes hard. As long as he’s coming back and stopping and doing the right things defensively, he’s a real good player and I thought he played hard today."

What have you thought of Datsyuk's recent play?

"Looks good, too. I think Pav is playing at a high level. I thought he was before, just the points weren’t coming but he was getting chances and opportunities. I talk all the time that results follow process. I thought the process was real good with Pav and the results have followed. Boy, he was dangerous today."

You guys had a lot of pucks on net but quite a few missed the mark didn’t they?

"We should have ended that second period with a real shot advantage. I thought we did some real great stuff, especially the second half of that period and really, the first half of the first period, really most of the first. We need to do a better job of getting the pucks on the goalie. Some of that’s credit to them. They blocked shots and they’re in your way. But we’ve got to hit the net and we’ve got to get better net presence. That’s two areas that we can got to practice on Tuesday and say we certainly need to be better in those areas."

Everything is so bunched up in conference, how much do you pay much attention to the standings?

"I try not to look too much. The thing about the standings is there’s lots of things you can’t control. I’ve tried to talk to my wife about not looking at other team’s scores but she doesn’t listen all the time. What I look at is we judge ourselves on (five-game) segments. We have a segment board behind us in the hallway there and that point tonight allowed us to be a playoff team for this season. We keep it for the five-game segments and the cumulative and that’s what we judge ourselves on, what we can control."

Your wife informs you who won or lost?

"She just sits and mumbles things out loud. I just say, ‘I’ve got to go to bed.’"

What was your reaction to the White hit on Jurco?

"The refs obviously called the five (minute match penalty). We’ve got real good refs in this league. We’ve taken a lot of the fighting out of the game, so the refs have to police the game and they did that in that case."

Did you have any concern about the Flyers’ challenge on the Kronwall goal?

"No, our guys thought it was a goal for sure just because it was out of the crease. The one thing again – I said this in Arizona – the direction I’ve been told is that it’s only going to be the real egregious ones that’ll be called back. I think the league wants those goals to count. I got the explanation from the referee that certainly because it was out of the blue (paint) and it wasn’t intentional that it was going to count for sure." editor Dana Wakiji contributed to this report.

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