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Post-Game Quotes vs. Capitals

by Bill Roose / Detroit Red Wings


Riley Sheahan
Center  - DET
Goals: 3 | Assists: 2 | Pts: 5
Shots: 29 | +/-: -6
How about the penalty kill?

"We've been trying to make it a little bit better, having a little bit of success. We'd like to take back the one goal but we had a little bit of success and I think we were pretty happy with the way it went."

What did you think of Mrazek, especially staying after taking the shot from Carlson?

"Obviously we're very comfortable with him back there. When he can be back there making plays for us and being big, I think it's huge. Obviously when you've got a team with so much offensive talent, you can have him stand up for you, it's awesome. I think it just shows his toughness, that he can come back from a play like that."

Do you like the 3-on-3 overtime?

"It's enjoyable when you come out with a win. But I think when you can match players up, skill on skill, I think it's pretty cool. Even on the bench, you're amazed watching some of these guys."

What did you think about the job your team did in shutting down Ovechkin again?

“When you go through the list of the good traits that a player holds he’s got most of them. He’s such a big body and has such a good shot and can possess the puck I think it makes if hard. But I think we did a good job tonight.”

How about the job that the penalty killers did tonight?

“I think 1-for-6 was the final number and I think it’s something to be happy about. Obviously we couldn’t find that one goal, but they have so many offensive players it’s a good sign for us. We’ve been looking to do a little better on our penalty kill and we did.”

Aside from the loss, are you satisfied with the pace that the team played at?

“Yes and no. I think we still kind of were a little inconsistent where we would go through some spells. We would get some chances and play offensively and then we would take the foot off the gas, so I think we need to play a more consistent game.”


Petr Mrazek
Goalie  - DET
Record: 5-4-1
GAA: 2.16 | Sv%: .934
Were you fortunate to come out of first tied 1-1 with four penalties to kill?

“I think we did a good job on the penalty kill today. In the first period four and in the third period two. We were trying to get two points but we couldn’t get the second goal.”

What happened when you were hit with puck in the third period?

“I didn’t see the shot. It just went through off my chest and then hit my shoulder.”

Were you screened on their first goal?

“I thought he was going to shoot so I was a little bit aggressive and I went too much out. I saw (Williams) at the last second and tried to get there but I think it went five hole. It was a nice play by the D. He saw him on the side.”

Where did puck hit you and did you think you’d have to come out?

“I just didn’t see the puck so I didn’t expect that hard shot to get through the D. It just went through my chest and hit my shoulder.”

Did you like how team played other than the penalties?

“If we wouldn’t give them too many power plays we would have more chances to score goals and win the game. At least we got one point more than nothing.”

What did you think of the stifling defensive effort everyone did on limiting Ovechkin’s chances?

“We did a really good job against him today. In the first period five shots but he got one shot in the last two periods. I think he tried to pass more than shoot after.”

When Ovechkin gets four shots in the first five minutes are you thinking here we go again?

“It just helps the confidence when you have in first five minutes six shots. It helps you to be ready in the net and just keep going.”

Two games between these two teams now, there wasn’t much separated, was there?

“It’s two good teams playing against each other with good defense. It’s nice for the goalies and fun when you get lots of shots.”

Are you a fan of 3-on-3 overtime?

“I like 3 on 3. It’s a fun game. Lots of space on the ice. Lots of chances.”


Henrik Zetterberg
Left Wing  - DET
Goals: 4 | Assists: 11 | Pts: 15
Shots: 40 | +/-: -1
What did you think of this game?

“I think it was a well-played game from both teams here. Goalies played well, PK was really good both teams. Power play obviously want to get a little bit more. I think they got a little bit more chances on the power play than we did. First power play I think we got a few good chances then I don’t think we had that many chances after that. Five-on-five I think we were the better team. They had a little push there in the third but overall I think we played OK.”

Were there too many penalties tonight?

“You can’t be in the box that much especially against this team. They’re really good. Pete really kept us in the game there. He made some key saves. I think the PK did a really good job blocking shots, too. And did their job but we can’t be in the box that much. Obviously a few of those calls was a little questionable but we gave the referees (a reason) to call them and you can’t do that.”

What did he like about your team’s efforts tonight?

“Everything except we couldn’t really find the back of the net. I think we created chances. We had a lot of shots on the net. I think we were good in front of the net. Keep playing like this and we’ll earn our points.”


Danny DeKeyser
Defense  - DET
Goals: 1 | Assists: 3 | Pts: 4
Shots: 10 | +/-: E
Too much time on the penalty kill tonight?

"Yeah. Obviously I don't know what the penalties were, us compared to them, but I know we had quite a few more. It's tough to generate offense when you're constantly killing penalties like that."

Did you think your interference one in the first was a little bit curious?

"Yeah, I haven't seen it on replay so I don't really know for sure. But my first instinct was I kind of just thought it was finishing the hit but apparently he thought otherwise."

Aside from penalty kill, how did you feel about team's play otherwise?

"I thought we had pretty good chances there. We kind of came in waves where we were applying pressure and getting chances. But we just didn't bury them. Kind of struggling with that a little bit right now. It's something we got to bear down on a little more."

Have to be happy containing sixth-best power play in the league?

"They got Ovechkin with the bomb over there on the off side and Carlson up top, they've got some really skilled players on both units. They're hard to defend. Keeping them to one tonight with as many as we had, I thought was pretty well."

How about containing Ovechkin in two games?

"Containing him? It's just awareness on the ice, all five guys on the ice knowing where he's at and just trying to get in lanes when he's shooting, stuff like that."

Did you get the feeling Ovechkin was getting frustrated at the end?

"Yeah, maybe a little bit. I don't think he was getting as many shots through as he wanted to and we were doing a good job, our guys were getting in shooting lanes and trying to block him."

It doesn't get any easier with the Kings coming to town Friday, does it?

"It never gets any easier in this league, everybody's so good nowadays. It doesn't matter who it is coming in here. But LA's a great team, they have a lot of skill, they've got some big guys who can skate and put the puck in the net so it's going to be a good test for us. Hopefully we come ready to play."


Playing in just his fourth game of the season, Pavel Datsyuk won a game-high 65 percent of his faceoffs Wednesday against the Capitals. (Photo by Dave Reginek/Detroit Red Wings)

Your penalty killers got a workout tonight, didn’t they?

“Yeah, we took too many penalties obviously. You can’t have four in the first period. I thought as the game went along our penalty kill got better and better and better. I thought we did a great job overall. We gave up a few too many chances early on it but I thought we got better as the game went along. You don’t want to take those types … three of them were stick penalties. We got to move our feet, keep our sticks on the ice.”

How did you think the team played overall in what amounted to be a 50/50 game?

“Yeah, I’d say that. I thought in the first it’s hard to judge because we’re in the box so much. Five on five it was hard to judge. I thought in the second we played well, we had moments we pushed and had some offensive zone play and some chances. In the third I thought they pushed hard and had us on our heels a bit. We played too much in their zone and didn’t get enough time in their zone for sure.”

What did you think of the scoring chances, which were 14-9 in your favor?

“I don’t go by those scoring chances, we go by our own. When we go through it we’ll see. We want to become a real good hockey team. Right now we’re an average hockey team, based on our record. We want to become a really good hockey team. We got to find a way to win these games at home. I think we’ve made some progress but we got to continue to make lots more progress.”

Did you like the scoring chances you got from different sources?

“Both those plays (breakaways by Helm and Pulkkinen) were where both those guys utilized their assets. Pulky’s got a good way about him to find creases behind guys and obviously Helmer used his speed but we got to find a way to finish those for sure, got to find a way to score more goals.”

Did having to kill so many penalties messes with playing time for some players?

“It hurts. What happened in the first was AA and Pulkky didn’t play at all, Millsie didn’t play five on five. We killed so many penalties and Pav and Z’s line, neither one of them kill penalties, so I have to keep getting those guys back on the ice, so it certainly affects the flow, but I thought as the game went along, in the second period we did lots of good stuff. Not to say we didn’t give up anything, but we pushed and had lots of O-zone time, some good chances. I still think we can create better chances out of the O-zone though and be a little bit more ready to shoot. I think we got to find a way to get to more seconds.”

Were you happy with containing Ovie again?

“He had some chances early. He’s an elite player, a special player, for him not to score is a good thing but in the end we want to win the hockey game. I thought defending-wise we’ve done a good job overall, even the games in Boston and San Jose. I think we’ve done a good job defending. We got to continue to do that but find a way to get more offense.”

Do you sense that Larkin is more confident when he gets the puck?

“Yeah, he is for sure, and he attacks and he shoots the puck a lot. He’s one of those guys that, I don’t want to say over-shoots it, because it’s not that he doesn’t make plays, but if he definitely has a chance he’s going to shoot it and that probably needs to be a little more contagious on our team. I don’t think we’re passing up tons of shots, I think we got to keep working to make goalies make saves.” editor Dana Wakiji helped with this report.

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