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Post-Game Quotes vs. Canucks

by Bill Roose / Detroit Red Wings


Jimmy Howard
Goalie  - DET
Record: 7-4-4
GAA: 2.33 | Sv%: .922
Can you access the team’s performance as a whole tonight?

“Well, we started off slow. I don’t think that’s … that’s exactly what we did. They generated a lot of chances there in the first period. I was not happy with myself, giving up, you know, one late in the first period for them. Those never generate well for your team, so I probably should have stopped it before it went off the end boards, especially knowing what these end boards can do to a player and goalie by eating you up. That’s exactly what it did.”

How do you explain a team that’s been off for three days plays like that against a team that played last night and lost a significant player (Henrik Sedin)?

“I don’t know. It’s a good question. Just in that situation, just a goalie just going out there and making saves for your guys. You know I’ve never been in that situation for four great defensemen how that is, having the layover like that, so I can only speak for myself and I just wanted to go out there and make saves for the guys.”

On their go-ahead goal, was there a sort-out issue with the two defensemen covering one guy?

“No, I’ll take the blame for that one too. I should have put the rebound in a better spot. I put it right on the Vrbata’s stick.”

How big was it to kill off the Canucks’ two-man advantage in the third?

“It was huge, it gave us momentum and got us rolling there late in the game. Just happy that Z was able to at least find the back of the net there in the six on five to at least give us one point, and you know, it’s sort of bittersweet.”

How confident did you feel during the shootout?

“Just having fun with it for a change. You know, it is what is it. I had issues her the last couple of years with it and you know, it’s not for lack of effort, lack of trying, lack of working on it in practice. I’m trying to get better at them, and you know, I’m gonna try to do whatever it takes with Jimmy B and the guys to continue to work on it.”

Is it more psychological?

“I’m just having fun with it. Not trying to put too much pressure on myself, I think, like in the past where I think it was just stop everything. You have to have confidence in your teammates that they’re gonna go out there and score goals and you just gotta try to come up with the saves for them.”


Joakim Andersson
Goals: 1 | Assists: 2 | Pts: 3
Shots: 9 | +/-: 3
How rewarding was that goal for your grinding efforts?

“It’s good to get a goal. That’s what we talk about, to get there (in front of crease) and get the pucks more there and the people there, too and we’ll score more goals.”

How big a goal was it for the team, cutting deficit to 2-1?

“It was big. We needed that. We were down 2-0 and we needed that going into the third. It was a big goal for us.”

Was Vancouver’s second goal a wake-up call for the Wings?

“Yeah maybe. We just know that we had to do something. We weren’t good enough. So that goal maybe you’re right.”

How big was the goal personally for you?

“It’s always nice to get that zero out of the column there. It’s nice to get goals. I want to score more than I do obviously but you have different roles and my role is not to score tons of goals but we’ve got to chip in to sometimes.”

Was that as bad of a start to a game this season for the Wings?

“They’re a desperate team for sure. We talked before the game that we’ve got to get going right away, that they played last night, so we should have jump, but they were way better than us in the first period.”

Do you have mixed emotions because team played so badly in first but you still got a point?

“Yeah for sure. It’s good to get the point. We’ve been stacking up the points but we need to for sure because the other teams are winning. Boston won again tonight. We need as many points as we can get and we weren’t happy when we walked off at the end of the game today I think.”

How big was the PK effort tonight, especially late in the game?

“We were down three on four and three on five but I don’t think they had many shots on the net. We killed that off to get a chance to score the third there so that was a good kill for us.”


Henrik Zetterberg
Goals: 6 | Assists: 19 | Pts: 25
Shots: 71 | +/-: 3
What happened in the end there?

"It was a good face-off by Pav there, I think. I just walked down and there wasn't much else and just tried to get it on net. Just nice to see it go in."

How would you describe the first two periods?

"I would say the first period was bad. We should be better after the kind of schedule we had here at home. We should have better legs. They played last night, they have some key players off but they really outplayed us in the first. I think after that, I think we were slowly into the game. If you look at the shot clock after two, you probably think different but it's really hard to get pucks on net when you have 10 guys in front of you. I think if we end up at almost 30 or a little bit above 30, I think that's pretty impressive if you look at how many guys there were in front."

Howard has not had a lot of success in the shootout, but team isn’t scoring much either, right?

"You're right about that."

Can you think of any reason why?

"I think we won one so far this year. Obviously we had a few good opportunities there in the shootout that were close to go in, I think Howie made enough saves for us to win so it's not on him."

How about killing off the two-man advantage late in the third?

"That was big part there of getting the extra point and getting into the overtime. The guys did a great job killing it. We had both Glendening and Kronwall in the box and they're our go-to PKers so the guys who stepped in did a real good job and once again, Howie played well."

Howard overall, faced 17 in the first alone?

"He was good. As I've been saying before, the best, if you ask what's the best thing so far this year it's our goaltending. Both goalies have been really good for us. It's nice for us to have two good goalies that can go in and play any night."

It looked like there could have been a call in overtime when you were tripped by Horvat and crashed into the post, do you agree?

"No, it was good. It could have been a call but it wasn't. I think the post got the worst of it."

Nice to see Andersson get rewarded with a goal?

"Yes. He's been playing really well since he got an opportunity to play and a big part of our penalty killing but it's also nice to see that he gets a goal when he has a chance."

Did you like Smith’s pass on Datsyuk's goal?

"Yeah, both Smith's and DK's pass was nice. It's hard to get shots on net. It's almost those kind of goals that's got to be made when the team plays like this."


Jimmy Howard had to make 37 saves to help the Red Wings get to overtime in a 4-3 shootout loss to the Vancouver Canucks. (Dave Reginek/Detroit Red Wings)

After the slow start, did you have a message for the guys after the first?

“My job is to make sure we’re prepared to go at the start of the game. I didn’t do my job. That was I thought our worst game, maybe all season, really through the first and maybe even at times through the second. I thought we started a go a little bit at the end of the second, so again, my job is to make sure the team’s ready to go, that we’re prepared to go and we weren’t, so that falls on me.”

Do you know the reason for the slow start?

“No. But again we got to look at it and say what happened? Why? You can’t play with that lack of effort, you can’t come not ready to play against a team that’s been struggling a little bit, so they’re fighting for their lives a little bit. I know it’s early in the season but everybody understands how critical every point is. So I don’t know why, but I know it’s on me and we better do a better job of that come Sunday.”

Do the three days off make it tougher to win physical battles from the get-go?

“The last time we were in this boat we were great, so all I know is we were great. We almost did the exact same thing in terms of how we handled the week and we came up flying, so I’m not sure why this time we were bad but it’s up to me to find out and make sure it doesn’t happen again.”

Was it disconcerting how long it took to get going?

“My experience is when you’re not ready to play it’s extraordinarily hard to kick it in gear and it takes a long time to get yourself going. That’s what happens when you’re not ready to play. We got to be way better than that from the drop of the puck. I think we have been but this tonight was unacceptable.”

Do you believe in the trap-game theory?

“I don’t believe in it at all. We have respect for the teams in the league. We know how close every team is. The NHL is decided by one goal almost every single game, it’s incredible. We know how good this team can be, so I don’t believe in that at all. I believe in making sure you’re ready to go when the puck drops and again that falls on me.”

Did only getting one shot on the first two power plays drain more energy?

“I don’t know if it drained, but it didn’t give us any when it could have. We got to make sure at the very least you get momentum. If you score on one of five power plays, you got a decent power play, one out of four you got a real good power play, so you’re not scoring a lot of times but you got to create momentum off it and we didn’t create momentum, certainly off the first two. We got to do better in that area. But that to me goes back to if you’re not ready when the puck drops it shows lots on the power play.”

Do you feel fortunate to come away with point considering how you started?

“I don’t know if I believe in fortune. I believe you get what you earn and we found a way to earn a point. We have to get back it tomorrow and see what we earn on Sunday.”

How about the Andersson goal that got you back into it?

“That was a big goal. I did think we started to come a little bit at the end of the second, but you have to score. You don’t want to go down 3-0 when you don’t have your game. So it was a big moment for sure.”

How much of a factor was Howard in keeping you in it?

“I thought Howard played really good throughout. Our goalies have continued to do a good job. You certainly need that when you’re not ready to roll.”

How big was the penalty kill late in third?

“Huge moment for the penalty kill, especially when you got four on three, five on three, those are big, big, moments any time in the game, certainly at that point. I think everybody in the building knew if they scored it was going to be real tough. So it was a big, big moment. Good for them.” editor Dana Wakiji contributed to this report.

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