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Post-Game Quotes at Florida

by Bill Roose / Detroit Red Wings


Dylan Larkin
Goals: 21 | Assists: 22 | Pts: 43
Shots: 193 | +/-: 18
Can you take us through you tying goal and then the tiebreaking goal?

“Yeah, I think the tying goal where I scored was a set play, faceoff play, D-to-D one timer and Big E did a good job of getting it through. I got a fortunate bounce, it was right on my stick. I saw Luongo cheating a bit, he was cheating pass, so I just ripped it and lucky it went in. And then the next one we had a good shift with Glennie and Z. We were flying around and got to the end of the shift and just threw it on net and Glennie did a great job of being there, and I think to be successful we have to continue to get to those areas and win battles like Glennie did.”

You looked to the left on your goal, were you think about passing to the far side?

“Well, yeah, I saw Gus coming in and I didn’t feel confident that I could get it over, so I just did shoot it. I think I saw Luongo cheating on a few of my shots so he was cheating on that one. It was nice to get that one.”

What did you think about the playoff atmosphere in this building tonight?

“It was awesome. I think we travel so well and the fans have been great this time of year, really supportive, so it was a great atmosphere for both teams you could say. It was pretty cool seeing Kevin Spacey in the stands. The crowd got pretty crazy, so I thought that was a cool moment.”

Are you a Kevin Spacey fan?

“Yeah, I mean, I don’t watch ‘House of Cards’ or anything like that but he’s a great actor so I’m a fan.”

This locker room sounded really loud after this win, was that as loud as it’s gotten in here all season?

“Yeah, I think anytime you get two points it’s huge but coming in to tonight and being down 3-1 and being able to enjoy this one when kind of our backs were against the wall we pulled through two in a row here so I think just keep moving forward and keep winning the same way.”

How uplifting was the second-period goal with 10 seconds left?

“It was huge, just to come back in here and be able to have confidence that it was a one-goal game, I think recently we’ve gone into the third periods down by two and it is tough. So it was a huge goal for our team.”


Jimmy Howard
Goalie  - DET
Record: 10-10-5
GAA: 2.76 | Sv%: .909
How about the rally, coming back from being down 3-1?

"Yeah, that was huge. I think we gained the momentum there at the end of the second, getting within one and it carried over into the third for us."

Scoring with 10 seconds to go in the second?

"That's huge. You could feel it in here in the dressing room after the second, the intensity that the guys had, it showed."

Good start, power play clicking, spread-out scoring, a lot of things went right tonight?

"Yeah, it did. That's a good sign. We need to continue to build and it's another step in the right direction and enjoy it here tonight and back at it tomorrow."

Huge two points, coming back from a two-goal deficit against the first-place team?

"They're good, they're really skilled up and down through their lineup, they can make you pay if you turn the puck over. The chances that they got were off of turnovers and once we started to be smart with the puck, it really limited their opportunities."

How much did Abdelkader's fight give you a spark?

"It's always good when you see that out there, the competitiveness. It's that time of year. You're fighting and you're battling and jockeying for position. It was great to see Abs do that."

How about the way you responded after they made it 3-1?

"We were doing a lot of great things out there. The third one, just an unfortunate bounce where Greener and I run into each other, in that split second the puck's in the net. But we never lost focus, we never got down on ourselves, we kept pushing and we were able to find two points here tonight."

What did you sense from the crowd, the largest they've ever had in this building?

"It's great to see. There's been times where you come here and the place is half full. So it's great to see the support that the Panthers are getting down here and they deserve it. They've got a great team down here. It's a great organization and the atmosphere was a lot of fun to play here tonight."

You guys had a lot of support?

"Yeah, no matter where we go to, we travel well. We're used to having that support out there and we're thankful for it. It's fun when we travel around and you hear the 'Let's go, Red Wings' chant."

Are you a Kevin Spacey fan?

"That was great seeing Kevin Spacey in the crowd here. That was fantastic. I'm a huge House of Cards fan, huge Kevin Spacey fan. Usual Suspects, you name it."

You noticed it when they put him on the Jumbotron?

"I didn't notice it at first until the place started going nuts and then I looked up and saw who it was. That's fun."


Tomas Tatar
Left Wing  - DET
Goals: 20 | Assists: 22 | Pts: 42
Shots: 148 | +/-: 3
How about this one?

"I don't know. It obviously feels good but more important is the win. It's going to be hard 'til the end but we've been here and I think that's good experience to have and it's a fun part of the season to play."

How about rallying from a 3-1 deficit on the road?

"Yeah, it would be nicer to lead the game but this is just hockey, the way it sometimes goes. Obviously we showed big heart to come back and battle through. Huge two points."

How were you able to get net-front presence tonight?

"I think the most important is make the shot through and then they're trying all the time to get there and we have fortunate bounces right now, which is great, we need those. It's just fun to play. We are happy we are in this spot, we just have to battle. Huge win."

How fired up was this locker room when you scored with 10 seconds left in the second?

"That's a big confidence-booster for sure, 3-1 to head to third would be kind of hard so it was a huge goal and a great job by our guys on the power play."

There was a lot of excitement in the room after the game, is that because of the huge come-from-behind win?

"I think we just knew how big this game was for us and especially when you're down 3-1. It's something I feel like it's more special when you battle through and come back. Like I said, it's a big two points, everybody played great and we're feeling good. We just have to get ready for next game."


Goalie Roberto Luongo argues unsuccessfully after the Red Wings scored a power-play goal late in the second period. Justin Abdelkader assisted on Pavel Datsyuk's goal with 10.1 seconds left. (Photo by Dan Mannes/Detroit Red Wings)

What are your thoughts on offense connecting on four answered goals?

“I thought we did a good job for 60 minutes. That was our biggest focus. We’ve talked about it lots, make sure we play 60 minutes and make sure we’re resilient, and when you get scored on just keep going, on your next shift being real good. I thought we did a good job of that. The one thing with the offense was we got to the net and we’re going to continue to get to the net to be successful here. It’s the only way you’re going to score in this league over and over again and we found a way to do it.”

How nice was it to see the power play clicking like it did?

“Our power play hasn’t been good enough through lots of the year, it’s obviously well-documented. But I thought tonight the compete level was extraordinary. We got to continue with that compete level on the power play to continue to have success on it.”

Were you satisfied with the way the team continued to show poise after turnovers led to couple Florida goals?

“I liked our poise. We got great leadership in our room. We’ve talked about that lots. I thought we stayed poised in those moments. We don’t want to turn the puck over. I thought overall we managed the puck fairly well, just when made them (turnovers) they were a couple of big ones. But I did think we managed the puck overall well, except for those ones that ended up in our net. We got to eliminate those for sure. Early in the game I thought our talk and our spots were great. So if you’re in the right spots and you talk a lot it’s easy to get out of your zone. I thought we did a good job of that.”

How much momentum did the goal with 10 seconds left in second give this team?

“It’s a huge goal. You come into the third and you’re down one, it’s a huge difference. Still got to find a way to continue to claw back. Obviously a big penalty kill (on Darren Helm’s penalty) to start the third. I thought our killers did a great job tonight as well.”

Was there a lot to like about this game?

“What I’d say is it’s the kind of game we’re going to continue to need. I liked a lot of things about tonight and we better enjoy the day off tomorrow and come to practice on Monday ready to do the same thing Tuesday night.”

You shortened your bench in the third, couple rookies didn’t play much, was that due to defensive concerns?

“One hundred percent, and other guys have been with us all year. You got to make sure you’re trusting those guys for sure. But it’s defense and making sure of the details of it.”

What did you think of the playoff atmosphere in the building?

“”That was great. Obviously the fans here are excited about what this team has done. They should be. Gerard Gallant has done a great job and they’ve got a really good team. Our fans travel everywhere. The unique and great thing about being a Red Wing is you get to see your fans everywhere you go, so I thought it was great and it was a great atmosphere in the building and a real good hockey game.”

Some of the players talked about how cool it was to see Kevin Spacey in the crowd, are you a fan of the actor?

“Him and Kevin Bacon are my two favorite actors. I’m still working on trying to meet him. I put that on (media relations director) Todd Beam, so we’re hoping Todd Beam gets that done tonight.”

Kronwall had two assists in his return after missing three games, how big was he tonight?

“Kronwall is the ultimate teammate, the ultimate warrior, ultimate competitor, it was great to have him in the lineup, assists or no assists it was great to have him in the lineup.”


Henrik Zetterberg
Goals: 13 | Assists: 31 | Pts: 44
Shots: 184 | +/-: -6
What is your assessment of this game?

"A lot of back and forth, two good teams playing good hockey. I thought the power play helped us tonight and we got some timely goals that got us some momentum and we found a way just to create enough to win."

That celebration in here sounded pretty loud?

"We all know it's a big game. Every game out here going in is going to be huge for us. Tonight, Kronner was back, so I think the little extra celebration after the game was for him. Obviously we've had some tough games in this building the last couple of years. It was nice to finally get one and get the two points."

Even down 3-1 did you sense a confidence about the team?

"I thought we started the game in the first period and we played well. We felt that when they got their first goal we knew that if we just kept going we will be right back in the game. It was basically their first chance that they scored on. So we knew that if we kept going, kept doing the right things, just try to play four lines as much as possible and keep them short, we had a chance."

You had good net front presence on several of the goals?

"It is important to be in front of the goalie. It's nice to see that the puck goes in when you're standing there. We were doing a decent job on it before, Glenny and Abby and Mantha. Some guys were spending a lot of time in front but they haven't got rewarded like they did today."

Where was this power play all season?

"It's been in here but when you see the goals today you can't really say it's bang-bang plays. You shoot the puck and sometimes it will go in. Hopefully it will stay like this now."

Was it cool to see Kevin Spacey?

"I'm in the middle of the season right now so it was nice to see Mr. President in the stands."

How about the atmosphere here, the largest crowd in Panthers history?

"I think when we play here there's a lot of Red Wings fans who spend the winters here. When we come and play it's always a good crowd here. It's a mix between both fans, so we really haven't seen an empty building that maybe other teams get." editor Dana Wakiji contributed to this report.

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