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Post-Game Quotes at Arizona

by Bill Roose / Detroit Red Wings


Gustav Nyquist
Right Wing  - DET
Goals: 13 | Assists: 12 | Pts: 25
Shots: 97 | +/-: -5
How good did it feel to contribute with the tying goal in the third period?

“Yeah, since I missed an empty net a second before. The puck was just laying there. I should have probably scored on the first try. It was a nice pass by Pav but it was nice to get a stick on and it and see it go in for sure.”

What was the difference with the power play in the third period?

“It’s hard to say. We’ve been battling hard out there all year. I think we’ve created chances. The puck just hasn’t seemed to find the net as much as last year, when we had real strong stats. You know it’s tough to say but we kept going, we kept battling and it finally came through and we got two big goals out of it.”

Down 2-0 in the third, what does it say about the team that you came back to win?

“It’s been a great road trip for us. Last game of a long road trip, down 2-0 and we managed to come back and win in overtime. That’s a great win for the team. We just said before the third to battle hard and go out and give it our best here, our best try to finish the road trip real strong and managed to do that so it’s a great team win for sure.”

Were you relieved to score ending a goal-scoring drought of 10 games?

“Absolutely. Anytime you haven’t scored in I don’t know how many games, but it was probably double digits, I want to score goals so obviously a great feeling to get that one. Hopefully it gets me going here.”

Has the slump been on your mind, bothering you?

“Obviously you think about it. You guys make me think about it as well. It was nice to get that one for sure.”

Was it nicer considering the importance of the goal at the time?

“Coming back there in the third and tying it up – I don’t know how many minutes left – but we had good push there and for sure a nice goal to score.”

Were you concerned they’d overturn it on the Coyotes’ challenge?

“We thought it was a goal right before but then obviously when they challenge you think about it. Maybe they’ve seen something we didn’t see on the ice right away on the video. Obviously I understand they got to take a chance there. There’s a lot of bodies in the crease there.”

What was said in room between periods?

“Just keep battling like we’ve done all year and the whole road trip here. We’ve been in a lot of tight games and we’ve squeezed out wins at the end all road trip long. So good win.”

Can this kind of outbreak open the team’s power play production again?

“Hopefully. Power play has to be good for a team to have success for sure. Our penalty kill has been good all year. Our power play has been up and down I think so we could have won a lot more games if our power play had scored and hopefully this gets it going and helps our team win.”


Pavel Datsyuk
Center  - DET
Goals: 6 | Assists: 15 | Pts: 21
Shots: 66 | +/-: 8
How good did it feel to convert on the power play?

“It feel good we score on the power play. It’s a really important goal for us. We scored when we needed.”

The power play really sparked team there in the third, didn’t it?

“Definitely it’s like a spark. Everybody played well in the third. It started to keep going wave by wave.”

How important was the rally to end the trip on a win?

“Of course it’s a long trip. Everybody knows what we did today. We played well in the third.”

Can this game give a boost to the power play, which had been struggling lately?

“We needed more from our power play. We needed more shoot and follow rebound. Of course when it’s a power play working it’s a big help for the team.”

What did you see on DeKeyser’s overtime goal?

“Larkin make a good play, make a good pass to DeKeyser and he shoot like bar down.”

How impressive has Larkin been to you?

“He’s good. He skates well, he handles the puck and shoots a lot. When they have room in the overtime, I think overtime is made for him.”

What was said after the second period?

“It’s a long trip. We start slow and they scored on the power play, too. But it’s a good thing we turn it around in the third. This is good for everybody, that we play 60 minutes.”

How impressive was Arizona’s goalie, who has been riding a hot streak?

“Their goaltender played well. He’s actually unbelievable at moving puck. I’m just surprised.”

What did you think of the job that Petr Mrazek did to keep you in the game?

“Petr moves puck well, too. He made some nice saves, especially in the first and second when they are all over us.”


Danny DeKeyser
Defense  - DET
Goals: 4 | Assists: 7 | Pts: 11
Shots: 38 | +/-: 8
What did you see on overtime?

"We were just trying to make some plays. Anytime Larks and Pavel are on the ice, we try to hit Larks with some speed. He kind of swings and gets going. He's really flying out there so we try to hit him with the puck and I think Pav hit him right before the goal for a little breakaway. He almost buried that one but he made a nice play to set me up after that."

Smart decision to circle back to you?

"His skill for a 19-year-old, huge playmaker, and he really flies out there. So we try to hit him with speed when we can and just let him make plays."

How about the comeback in the third, especially on the power play?

"Those were two huge goals. We just kept battling and putting pucks on the net, grinding away at them. It wasn't the prettiest game by any standards tonight but we're happy to get out of here with the two points."

What does it do for a team to come back after being down 2-0 in the third?

"It shows that we've got some resiliency on this team. We don't give up, we keep pushing 'til the end. I think that's a few times this year where we battled right to the end and were able to tie the game and win in overtime or put it into a shootout. That's pretty resilient."

You guys are quite comfortable in these close games?

"It seems like every game we're playing is a one-goal game so they're all tight, they're all really close and everybody's so good nowadays that there's not much difference between the top team in the league and the bottom team in the league so every night you've got to play hard."

How much fun is overtime?

"The 3 on 3 this year has been really good, especially for us. I think we have a pretty good record in it. But there's a lot of open ice and it's a lot of fun watching the skill guys make plays out there."

You have to be ready when those guys are out there because anything can happen?

"Oh, yeah, if Pavel has the puck, if Larks has the puck, like I said, they're playmakers and if you're open they're going to find you and that's what he did there."


Dylan Larkin
Goals: 14 | Assists: 16 | Pts: 30
Shots: 117 | +/-: 23
Can you walk us through the game-winning goal?

"I just tried to build up as much speed as possible. I saw two D, Ekman-Larsson and Domi, so I decided to go after Domi. It's tougher for a forward, I recognize that. I've been in that situation when a guy is coming full speed. I made the move, got the puck back in the corner and just came out, found DK and he did the rest. It was a beautiful shot."

Did you think about shooting the puck at all before making the pass to DeKeyser?

"I tried to get the backhand off but I don't know, I was going too fast or got hooked.”

Why is this team able to make such comebacks?

"I think our experience, our leaders have stepped up huge, tonight, gave us a chance. Experience, I'm talking like power play, they know that you're not going to get many chances and luckily we got two and we capitalized on both of them. It was awesome. I think a great way to end a road trip, coming together like that."

Have your parents been on the whole trip?

"Yeah, they have. San Jose to Phoenix, so they're enjoying it."


Gustav Nyquist reacts to scoring his game-tying power-play goal in the third period. The Red Wings went on to win, 2-3, in overtime Thursday at Arizona. (Photo by Dan Mannes/Detroit Red Wings)

What was the difference in the power play tonight?

“In the third it was great to find a way to get those two. The power play has actually had moments of this, where in clutch situations it’s come up big. You can think back to the early part of the year and it certainly did here today so it was great.”

What did you think of the overtime goal by DeKeyser?

“Larks is such a strong skater, he kind of split in between those two guys and created a little bit of chaos right off that situation. He’s on the puck a lot, so he’s able to get back on the puck. One thing about Larks, he’s a transporter, he’s a shooter, but he can make a play, and he made a play there and good for Danny to get it and bury it.”

Did you debate challenging their second goal?

“Yeah, we talked about it. I had a conversation with the ref on the ice and he had a look on it on the replay and didn’t think it was worth a challenge, so I didn’t think it was worth a challenge then.”

Were you concerned Nyquist’s goal would be overturned on the Coyotes’ challenge?

“No, because of the same thing. The thing about the NHL is this challenge (rule) came to try to eliminate goals that were egregious penalties, not ones that were borderline, so I think from the beginning of the year to now it’s changed a little bit and those are the goals I think everybody wants to count, to be honest with you. You don’t want it when it’s against you, but for us in terms of having lots of goals scored, those are goals we want counted.”

It must be nice to be headed home with five wins out of six road games?

“I don’t make too much between home and road but obviously going on the road is not easy and it’s a long stretch and I think just winning five out of six games is a big thing in this league right now. Being able to do it on the road makes it a little bit better. We put ourselves in a little tough stretch before and after Christmas at home when we had winnable games and we didn’t win. You think of that Pittsburgh game (on New Year’s Eve), it was kind of a low moment there, and we gave up a lead and ended up losing. But I just think the character in the room; they won’t allow that to continue. They certainly did that coming into Buffalo and all throughout this road trip.”

How did you manage to overcome the Coyotes’ hot goalie?

“He’s real good. I got a chance to watch him the other night against Edmonton. He’s a real good goalie. It’s no secret why he’s had success. The team’s really good. I was thoroughly impressed with their team. I think they got a number of good players at each position. Obviously Ekman-Larsson is in the top 5-6 D in the league. It was quite a challenge. You don’t want to put yourself in that 2-0 hole but I thought we came out with our best period in the third.”

Mike Green had two assists on the power play, this is why you got him in free agency, right?

“Yeah, no question. And the biggest thing on power play that we did in the end that we didn’t do early on the power play is we shot pucks, and shooting creates chaos and then you find ways to score around the net. So we got to keep shooting the puck. He’s somebody who I think early on in the year wasn’t shooting enough. He is really made an effort to shoot more pucks and he’s done a good job of it and as a result we’ve had more success with it.”

Were you glad to see Nyquist end his goal-scoring drought?

“It starts with the competitive level he had today. I thought the competitive level and the work ethic he had today was great. I think when he competes and works at that level he’s got the ability to score. And it’s not that he doesn’t work, but the level needs to be elite and I thought it was elite tonight. When he’s like that he’s a guy who scored 27-29 goals in the league. We hope he heats up for sure.”

Abdelkader, Rieder hit posts in overtime, what did you think of that great pace?

“We got a little out of our sync in overtime. We were in there forever for a bit there (stretch of OT games earlier in the season). I love it. I think it’s great, it’s entertaining. We had I don’t want to say a bad change, we broke a stick, we should have just changed right there, they got a chance, we hit the post. It’s incredible go back and forth. Very glad we found a way to win.”

How happy are you to go home now?

“I want to hug my wife and kids for sure. I miss them a ton. Hopefully the feeling’s mutual when I get home. We’ll see.”

Did you think the Coyotes take their foot off gas in the third?

“I didn’t think that. I think the game ebbs and flows. Just like I would say, maybe we didn’t play good enough at times but that has something to do with them and I would hope part of our success tonight has something to do with us. I just thought it’s two real good teams going at it. I think that’s what the league is every night.” editor Dana Wakiji contributed to this report.

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