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Glen Sather's Comments Following the Announcement that Pavel Bure is Unable to Play at this Point in Time.

by Staff Writer / New York Rangers

Question: Can you envision a way in which Pavel comes back?

Glen Sather: He hasn't changed in really the last five months. He's done everything that he can humanly do and we've done everything we can do.

Question: I assume that you planned for a season without him?

Glen Sather: Yes. I had a good idea last year right at the trading deadline that this wasn't going to come out the way we would like. Obviously when I got Alex (Kovalev) and (Anson) Carter, that sort of settled my own mind at that time that it didn't look like it was going to happen.

Question: Do you think playing last year adversely affected him?

Glen Sather: I don't think it hurt him anymore. He just didn't seem to have the jump that he used to have. He could make a cut from his right to his left like no one else and it just didn't seem to be there anymore.

Question: At his age and given his medical history, is surgery just not in the realm of possibility right now?

Glen Sather: I don't think so. The information that I've got from the doctors is that for him to come back and play the way Pavel Bure can play is risky. If he chooses to have surgery down the road because his knee is getting worse, then that's probably something that could be helped there. But if has surgery right now, he's out for the year anyway. He's not going to play this year.

Question: Can anything be done differently in his rehabilitation to improve his condition?

Glen Sather: No. I told him today to keep doing what he's been doing. He's in terrific shape. He's worked hard. He's done everything we've asked him to do.

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