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Sully Says ... In-Game Blog (Game 2)

by Staff Writer / Nashville Predators
Steve Sullivan's In-game Blog During Game 2 of the Conference Quarterfinals at Detroit

First Period
Tough break for us. We were really starting to take it to them; we seemed to be making a better  effort to get the puck on net. I think that no-goal was a lot closer than people thought. We have to be tougher in front of our own net, though, and be more aware of our surroundings in the defensive zone. We can't let them get to the front of the net untouched.

Great shift by Bonky's line. creating a lot of scoring chances by throwing the puck on net. I thought they were our best line last game and they have started off this game the same way.

Here's the first chance for our power-play to get us back in the game. Special teams are a huge component to playoff hockey and right now we need our power-play to get it going.

That was big save by Hasek. The power-play did exactly what it wanted to do and got a great scoring chance. When a goalie makes a big save like that, you can't get disappointed, just have to keep plugging away.

We already have 13 shots on net in half a period, compared to 20 shots all of last game. Unfortunately for us, Hasek has come up with three or four huge saves. If we keep taking those shots and getting those scoring chances, I'll go with the odd that we'll get a couple of goals today.

Another great penalty kill by us; have to give al ot of credit to the gyus, even after losing Scott Nichol, one of our best PK guys, we're still getting it done.

That chance their hit their guy behind Hasek. Great shift, but a little unlucky.

Great shift by Jordin Tootoo. He had a big hit on Chelios in our end -- Chelios went straight  to dressing room (He came back to the bench with 1:47 left in the first). He followed that up with a great. two-on-one.

Finally a lucky break for us, coming back the other way when the Wings hit the post.

Really good opportunity for us to tie it with a power-play goal here before the intermission. That would be a good way to cap off a very good period for us.

End First Period
We're doing a lot of things better than we were in the first game. We've had a lot fewer give aways in our end. We're making their defensemen go back and get pucks and then we're punishing them for it. We have a lot more shots that last game. Unfortunately the things that counts the most is the score, and we're down one.

Second Period
Great shot. On the replay it looked like Holmstrom was in the crease, but nothing you can do about that now. Just need to get back to playing out . Sometimes you see that play reviewed

That's the break we needed. Crazy bounces off the end boards in this building. You have to know the boards and know how to take advantage of them.

Great play by Toots to use his speed and making sure he found a way tp get the puck on net. It found a way past Hasek. Here we go. New start. Building got pretty quiet in a hurry. We've got all the momentum here. We have them on their heels for the first time. We have to take advantage of it in the next 4-5 minutes. Hockey's a game of momentum. Right now we have it.

Two posts! Keeping the pressure on them. This is a big shift for us. This is probably the last shift before a TV timeout.

Well, Babcock must have been sensing the same thing I did. He just used his timeout to try to re-group his team. We need to keep the pressure on them, keep the building quiet.

That's a bad break, twice. Hopped over his stick and then hit his skate. We can't get down, though. We've still dominated the start to this period. A lot of hockey left today.

Need to get a kill. A two goal deficit against the Wings is big. We've already come back from a two-goal deficit once this game, but you don't want to try to do it twice in the same game.

Things are starting to settle down after the exciting start to the period. Both teams realize they don't want run-and-gun hockey and have started to tighten up. We need to get the puck deep and start working the puck possession again.

Here's another opportunity for our power-play to get us back in the game. It was a power-play goal that started our first comeback this afternoon.

We have to stop killing our own momentum by taking offensive zone penalties. We're working hard and trying to be aggressive, but there's a fine line and we need to be more careful. It's tough when you're out there on the ice. You have to play physical, but you have to make sure not to get caught.

End Second Period
Unsung athletic play by de Vries near the end of the period to bat the puck into the end board. And then we came down the other end and had decent pressure. All in all we're back to the same place we started the period, playing well but still down one. Those goals should give us some confidence that we can beat Hasek. We just have to get back to our puck possession game and keep getting shots to the front of the net.

Third Period
First good chance of the period for us. Got the crossbar there.

It looks like Detroit has gone into a defensive mode. That's going to make it difficult for us to get many chances, so we need to concentrate even more on puck possession and getting shots on net.

That's a tough one to swallow. Giving them a two goal lead this late in the game is tough. Momentum has definitely shifted back to Detroit right now.

Power-play for us. Still have a chance to pull this one out. We need a quick one here. Want to score and still leave enough time to get another to send it to OT. Elly's pulled, so we'll have a six-on-four advantage.

Key shot block by them. We're moving the puck well; getting some good looks. We absolutely have to pop one in here soon; can't wait too long since we need two and time's running short.

End of Game
Well, we improved on some of the things from Game 1. Just seemed like they got more of the bounces today. We got a break on our first goal, but they caught a break on the game-winner and seemed like we caught the post on some chances when they were back on their heels.

Down 0-2 isn't what you want, but teams have come back from that before. I know it's a cliche, but we have to take it one game at a time. We're back home for Games 3 and 4. If we win our home games, then it's back to even. On Monday night we need our fans to be as loud as you were that last home game against St. Louis. Let's concentrate on getting that one on Monday and moving on from there.
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