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Predators Move Forward with New Goal Song

by Alexis Tahara / Nashville Predators

Fans that have been in attendance for recent Nashville Predators home games (and as far back to the Rookie Development Camp scrimmage in July), have probably noticed a new song ringing through the Bridgestone Arena speakers when the home team scores a goal.

For as long as the Preds have called Nashville home, Gary Glitter’s “Rock and Roll Part 2” has been played as the team’s goal song, becoming a familiar tune through 16 years of regular-season and playoff hockey. However, starting in the 2014-15 season, the Nashville Predators will no longer use Glitter’s work in the building.

Why, fans may ask, has a song that was so beloved by fans, been taken away?

In June, for the second time in less than 15 years, “Rock and Roll Part 2’s” author and performer, Gary Glitter, was arrested for sex crimes against children. Previously convicted for similar offenses in 1999 that led to more than three years in prison, Glitter is currently awaiting trial on eight new charges.

Every time the Nashville Predators scored a goal and “Rock and Roll Part 2” played in the building, Glitter would receive royalties from the song usage. Additionally, for several years, fans have requested the Predators move toward banning Glitter from the building, like virtually every other pro sports franchise.

“In Smashville, we’re passionate about establishing traditions that the fans love, but sometimes those traditions must change because of outside circumstances beyond our control,” Nashville Predators President and COO Sean Henry said. “In good conscience, we couldn’t continue to align ourselves with ‘Rock and Roll Part 2’ and through these outside circumstances we have chosen to alter our song and build upon our tradition of incorporating more of ‘Nashville’ into our goal celebration, building and our team.”

Beginning in the 2014-15 preseason, the Preds officially rolled out a new goal song, “Gold on the Ceiling,” by The Black Keys, a group that calls Nashville home, to follow Tim McGraw’s special edition of “I Like It, I Love It.”

Choosing a song by a group that calls Music City home continues to build on the Preds’ tradition of “bringing the outside in,” by incorporating the musicians and artists that make Nashville a great city, into Nashville’s hockey atmosphere. In addition to The Black Keys and “Gold on the Ceiling,” the Predators have also premiered a brand-new song written by Charlie Daniels to be played following victories and continue to welcome new and upcoming artists as well as veteran performers onto the Ford Band Stage throughout the season.

While the exact song has changed, fans are encouraged to join in with “Gold on the Ceiling” and fill Bridgestone Arena with familiar taunting chants raining down and intimidating opponents. As any resident or visitor of Music City can understand, the change of song has necessitated a bit of a change in lyrics and timing, but before long, the new chant will be a familiar sound at 501 Broadway.

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