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Metal Detectors to Improve Safety, Efficiency at Bridgestone Arena

by Brooks Bratten / Nashville Predators

When Nashville Predators fans arrive to Bridgestone Arena this fall, they’ll be able to enter the building quicker, and more importantly, safer than ever before.

Just one of the many improvements made throughout the Arena during the offseason, metal detectors will be in place at every entrance for the 2015-16 season and beyond, ensuring the safety of every patron in the building.

“This unit is going to be consistent on every single person walking through,” Vice President of Event Operations David Chadwell said of the new metal detectors. “It’s going to be more consistent, people are going to get in faster and it’s going to be safer for our guests.”

Guests will simply walk through the new devices just like they might at an airport or other facility. As for the convenience factor, cell phones are the only common item that needs to be removed prior to entering; wallets, keys and other small items can remain in a pocket. The phone can simply be placed in a bucket to be passed through and collected once on the other side of the metal detector.

If the machine does catch something, gone are the days of having to wand and search the person’s entire body. Instead, the metal detector is smart enough to identify the general vicinity of the item.

“The reason we picked this model is because, it is the quickest unit to reset, get people through and it’s smart enough to recognize that you don’t have to take everything out of your pockets,” Chadwell said. “This unit also has panels on the sides with lights, so it will set off an alarm on a particular area, whether that’s below your knees, your waist, your shoulder, wherever that area alarm is found. You can use a wand to search it quickly so you’re still not having to go up and down the entire body.”

The metal detectors are also ADA-compliant, making it safe for guests with pacemakers or other devices to enter. However, a guest can still request to be wanded or patted down if they prefer.

Chadwell says Preds season-ticket holders will be provided with clear bags, which they can use if they prefer, when coming to Bridgestone Arena. The use of clear bags will provide yet another way to enter the building quickly and efficiently, but if a guest can come to the Arena without the use of a bag, Chadwell recommends that option.

“No bags are the quickest way to get into the game,” Chadwell said. “We’re also looking at having lines with no bags, kind of like express lines.”

All entrances of the Arena will be equipped with the metal detectors, including the main entrance at the corner of Fifth Ave. and Broadway, as well as the Nissan SoBro Entrance. The Fifth Ave. Team Store, as well as the parking garage and Sixth Ave. entrances are also options available for fans to enter the building.

“These changes with the metal detectors will benefit all of our guests,” Chadwell said. “Safety is always our top priority and fans will now be safer than ever at Bridgestone Arena.”

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