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Throwback Thursday: Pens as Kids

by Staff Writer / Pittsburgh Penguins
Since it's Throwback Thursday, a weekly theme on social media (primarily Instagram) where users post content from the past, we decided to share a bunch of amazing photos we've collected of current Penguins players as kids. Scroll through, and prepare for your heart to melt (thanks to the guys and their families for these pics)...

This is, without question, our favorite Sidney Crosby photo of all time. Sid the actual kid.

Captain Crosby, always and forever.

We wouldn't be surprised if that discarded blocker was from a goalie running away in fear from a young Sidney Crosby.

Before he was No. 87...Sid the kid wore No. 29.

This picture...we just can't.

Kunitz still has that same side-swept hair and steely glare to this day...

This is how old Duper is at heart.

Flower without his trademark grin...maybe he wishes he was playing goalie instead?

Now THAT's more like the Flower we know and love.

A young Marc-Andre giving us a glimpse into the future...

These photos of a young Paul Martin are awesome because they're in chronological order over the span of a few years. You'll get to see him grow up. Here he is at age 6, his first year of Mites (1987-88)...

Age 7...

Age 8...

Age 9, his first year of Squirts...

And to finish, we jump ahead a couple of years to an 11-year-old Pauly in his first year of Pee-Wees.

Look at that smile. For love of the game.

This may be the winner of #TBT...a little Matt Niskanen in a Pens jersey! His mother Linda told us her son wrote to Mario Lemieux when he was in fourth grade, saying, "He brought a library book home about Mario and he wrote to him and offered a puck if he would send him an autographed photo. And we still have that autographed photo of Mario Lemieux.” (For more stories from Linda and the rest of the mothers, click here).

P.S. How awesome are the fake headlines on Matt's fake cover? Too bad it's not real, because we'd definitely read that issue of The Hockey Scoreboard. Especially with the way they describe the cover star..."Hockey's newest hot shot!"

Wish we could see what district number that is on the patch of the Minnesota native's jersey. Wonder if it's District 5...

We love everything about this photo of a baby Joey V.

Joey V. rocking the bowl cut that a lot of our mothers also gave us.

A young Craig Adams looking too cool for school as he perfects the most difficult of all the hockey picture day poses.

We'd have to say Addsy is definitely one of the most recognizable TBTs.

Love the nametag on Beau's helmet.

The California native playing for the LA Junior Kings.

Hey, give that smiling kid a hockey stick.

Future NHL player right there.

We had forgotten about this photo Evgeni Malkin posted of him and his brother Denis on his personal Instagram (@emalkin71geno) last year. But we remembered just in time! Geno is on the right...

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