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Stanley Cup Journal - Marc-Andre Fleury and Mathieu Garon

by Staff Writer / Pittsburgh Penguins
Marc-Andre Fleury

Montreal, PQ
Mathieu Garon
Quebec City, PQ

Join hockey's most prized trophy as it parties throughout the summer of 2009. As each member of the Pittsburgh Penguins assumes
possession of the Stanley Cup for one day, get an insider's view through exclusive stories, videos, and photographs via the Hockey Hall of Fame's Stanley Cup chaperone (aka "White Gloves") - no one gets closer! The Stanley Cup Journal is presented by Trib Total Media and content is provided by the Hockey Hall of Fame.

You would never guess that Mathieu Garon's oasis on Lac Beauport was but 15 minutes away from Quebec City. Nestled in the bosom of the Jacques Cartier valley, the beautiful, quiet setting, right on the lake, is where the netminder gets away from the world. Seems to be a common theme — his next door neighbour is Patrick Roy. "I've lived here two years now, but I've only seen Patrick once," smiles Garon, although he knows the boys make good use of the home.

The Stanley Cup arrived at Lac Beauport at 8:30 on the morning of Monday, August 3. Mathieu, his wife Marie, his brothers and friends eagerly greeted Lord Stanley's legacy by taking the historic trophy down to the lake for some picturesque photos.

Mathieu climbed into his car, strapped the Stanley Cup in good and tight, and drove into Quebec City so he could say hello to his trainer at the gym they work out at at the University of Laval. It's a great spot to keep in shape, as many hockey players know. Garon regularly works out with Antoine Vermette, but on this day, the facility was packed with junior players. Mathieu filled the bowl of the Stanley Cup with champagne, and he and his trainer toasted to a championship season.

To read the rest of Mathieu's journal please visit the Hockey Hall Of Fame website.


The Penguins' other goaltender during the 2008-09 season enjoyed his day with the Stanley Cup on Thursday, August 6. Marc-Andre Fleury, one of several heroes for the Pittsburgh Penguins during their unbelievable playoff run, welcomed the Stanley Cup to his home at 8:00AM. There, he and girlfriend Veronique had some photographs taken around the house, located right on the St. Lawrence.

Time for breakfast, and Fleury poured cereal into the bowl of the Cup, added milk and dug in. "Hey, I can still taste champagne," he exclaimed, then laughed.

With the Cup situated on the dock, Marc-Andre jumped in his boat and went for a ride, but five minutes in, the boat conked out on him. A friend back at the house saw Marc-Andre's plight, so stripped down to his underwear, climbed onto a Sea-Doo and was on his way out to tow the Penguins' laughing netminder to shore when it, too, died. The next door neighbour, seeing both men stranded but laughing, pulled his aluminum fishing boat into the water and was on his way out to get the guys when Marc-Andre waved him off.

Fleury had discovered that a rope was wound around his propeller, so fixed that and was able to resume his trip. Embarrassingly, most of the invitees to his party had arrived in the meantime, and watched with much hilarity as the boys returned to shore. "Is this one of those 'punked' TV shows," asked one of the guys on the shore? Marc-Andre could only flash that big smile.

To read the rest of Marc-Andre's journal please visit the Hockey Hall Of Fame website.

Mathieu Garon and his family take the Stanley Cup for a ride around the lovely Lac Beauport.
(Mike Bolt/HHOF)

Garon and Penguins teammate Philippe Boucher pose with their hard-earned prize.
(Mike Bolt/HHOF)

Marc-Andre Fleury and his family pose with the Stanley Cup at his parent’s home in Sorel, Quebec. (Mike Bolt/HHOF)

Over 200 well-wishers joined the Fleury family and the Stanley Cup for the celebration in Sorel.
(Mike Bolt/HHOF)
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