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Ten years later, Crosby and others reflect on the Golden Goal

by Michelle Crechiolo @PensInsideScoop / Penguins Team Reporter

It's been 10 years since Sidney Crosby scored the Golden Goal at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, but he remembers it like it was yesterday.

"Just an unbelievable memory," Crosby said. "It's crazy and scary to think that it's been ten years (laughs). I can't believe it's been that long already. But when I think back, it was just an amazing experience at the Olympics being Canadian in Canada - but having it finish off that way was pretty special."

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At just 22 years old, Crosby scored the gold-medal winning overtime goal against the United States to give Canada a 3-2 win on their home soil. Now 32 years old, Crosby has had countless other magical moments throughout his incredible career, but that one stands out the most.

When Crosby thinks back on it, he said that what remembers most about the day is the happiness of winning - but also the feeling of what it was like when the Americans tied the game late. 

For a while, everything was going well for the Canadians, who took a 2-0 lead a few minutes into the second period on goals from Jonathan Toews and Corey Perry. But then, Ryan Kesler got the Americans on the board to make it 2-1 heading into the third period. And with just 24.4 seconds left in regulation, Zach Parise tied the game to force overtime.

"There was just disappointment," Crosby said. "You're that close. The crowd is into it. It didn't feel like they were getting a lot of momentum. We felt we were keeping everything outside. It was one quick shot and a rebound and the game was tied. When they score that late, you don't have a lot of time to think about it. You had to just turn the page."

Crosby said that after heading to the locker room, the leadership group they had - led by Scott Niedermayer - helped keep the rest of the players calm and confident going into overtime.

"We had a lot of veteran guys that I remember just seemed really poised, and I think as a young guy, you could really feed off of that," Crosby said. "Obviously it happened quick, and we lost the lead there in the last 30 seconds, so it's a quick turnaround. But I thought we turned the page really quick. You learn a lot from those situations, and just to see that veteran experience kind of take over and bring that sense of calm, it brought a young player like myself a lot of confidence."

As the clock approached the eight-minute mark in the overtime session, from the half wall Crosby cycled the puck up the boards to Jarome Iginla and bolted to the net. 

That's when he yelled the call heard around the hockey world - "IGGY!"

Iginla gave a pass right back to him, and Crosby put a shot through U.S. goalie Ryan Miller's pads to win the game and with it, Olympic gold. In true Crosby fashion, he couldn't have scripted it any better.

"Just as a kid growing up watching the Olympics, dreaming of playing for Team Canada - to be part of that whole experience and just the way it all worked out was really special," Crosby said. "I mean, we won a gold medal. Regardless of the outcome, it would have been special in its own right - but to finish that way, it's every kid's dream."

It's the kind of magical moment where people remember exactly where they were and how they felt when the goal was scored. A few of Crosby's teammates did just that… 

PATRICK MARLEAU (Crosby's teammate on Team Canada)

"It was just amazing. To win on home soil and Sid getting that goal, I think everybody flew off that bench. It was quite the celebration in Canada. It was very special. I'll never forget going around Vancouver after and going out to dinner and the streets were just jammed, they were just packed. Everybody was celebrating."


"I was only like 14 at the time. I was in downtown Vancouver with my family. We went to almost all the games. My uncle is high up in the Hudson Bay Company, so they had a suite for them. So we went to most of the games, then for the last game we hung around downtown, so that was pretty cool. I just remember being downtown and walking around and seeing it all. (The goal) was huge. You had the whole nation on their feet. It was something that you'll never forget, especially being in Vancouver and then being from Vancouver and seeing it all happen and seeing how the city went crazy. It was pretty cool to be a part of."


"We were at a bar; I was in college at Wisconsin at the time. The whole team was out there and obviously we had a bunch of Canadians. We were really nervous. I just remember the goal going in, seeing Sid chuck his gloves and beer just started flying everywhere. All the Canadian guys were going nuts. It was pretty cool."


"I remember being in my basement watching with my dad. I have two older brothers but they both went out to watch parties with their friends. It was just me and my dad. We had two couches. He was on the back one, I was on the front one. I remember when it went in, jumping up. I was probably 15, 16 at the time. Hockey was my life and Crosby was my favorite player at the time. Just literally jumping off the couch for joy. I remember it vividly."


"It's a great accomplishment by Sid, scoring the Golden Goal for Canada. Great goal and bringing joy to Canadians everywhere. It was a huge celebration. I think I was with some friends back home watching the game. Obviously the Olympics are a huge stage. Being Canadian, you want to recognize those moments and keep those as long as you can. I think it's amazing to be playing with him."

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