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Pens Talk Halloween

by Michelle Crechiolo / Pittsburgh Penguins

The other day, Evgeni Malkin posted a photo on Instagram of him getting in the Halloween spirit by dressing up as Batman. In honor of the holiday, we talked to a few guys after today’s optional practice about their favorite costumes, favorite candy, trick-or-treating and just Halloween in general.

Read on to find out what famous movie duo Sidney Crosby and Brandon Sutter dressed up as, what Jayson Megna and Scott Harrington originally had planned for Halloween and how being Mustache Boy can influence a costume…

What are your favorite costumes you’ve done?
BRANDON SUTTER: I’ve done a bunch of things. This year Sidney (Crosby) and I did Goose and Maverick from Top Gun. I was Goose, Sidney was Maverick. That was pretty good. Chuck Kobasew was Kenny Powers from Eastbound and Down. His wife was April. It was pretty awesome. That was the best costume I’ve ever seen.

ZATKOFF: I (incorporated my mustache into my costume). I was Lt. Dangle from Reno 911. I figured if I’m going to have a mustache I might as well take advantage of it, instead of having to use a fake one. My favorite is Elf when I was a sophomore in college. When I was a little kid I was a Ninja Turtle. I think I’ve been every single Ninja Turtle. I always had little football costumes. I was Troy Aikman three years in a row. I was a Michigan Wolverine football player. Those were my go-to when I was younger.

DUSTIN JEFFREY: I actually lost Mustache Boy two years ago, so I went as Mario with the real black mustache. I think that was one of the funnier ones I’ve done.

JAYSON MEGNA: This year, I was supposed to be a pilot and Scott Harrington was supposed to be my stewardess. So that would have been funny. But I missed the Halloween party there. My favorite one growing up was me and my brother would just throw on hockey jerseys and we'd put roller blades on and we figured we'd get to the houses quicker and get more candy. We did that every year until I think we were like 15 or 16 years old.

OLLI MAATTA: I remember one year I was a ghost. I had a little sheet on and stuff. That's probably the only one I remember. When we did Halloween (in London), I was an all-time golfer with the little hat and fancy shirts and stuff, and pants over your knees. I thought it was kind of funny. This year, I was an old-time tennis player (we’re sensing a theme here…). High socks, white short pants. High polo. It wasn't nice. I didn't think I looked that good (laughs).

COACH BYLSMA: Last year (my son Bryan’s) friend went as a leaf blower. He had a landscaper's outfit on with a landscaper's hat and he had one leaf hanging down and he was a leaf blower. He came up with the costume himself and I thought it was a pretty good costume. I don't remember what, if any costumes I ever had. But I probably got a hand-me-down because I was the youngest of four boys. Hand-me-downs were par for the course.

What’s your favorite candy?
BYLSMA: Reese's peanut butter cups. Full ones. Kit Kats would have been another one I was pretty pumped to get.

ZATKOFF: I was always a big Milky Way fan. Any kind of chocolate. Milky Way, Snickers, the little tiny ones.

MEGNA: I like Reese's peanut butter cups, that's always been my favorite.

MAATTA: I like licorice a lot and Swedish berries are good. I'm not a chocolate kind of guy.

What are you going to hand out this year?
JEFFREY: I’m going to go pick some up on the way home. You want to be that good house in the neighborhood that has a good chocolate bar or a full-size or something. You’ve got to be the good house so they remember to come back.

SUTTER: I’m stopping at Target on the way home today. Hopefully, some chocolate bars or something. That will be a good place to stop.

What was your game plan for trick-or-treating?
JEFFREY: I lived in the middle of the country, so you knew which old farm people would make homemade stuff and which people actually gave you real chocolate bars and stuff like that. So we knew what houses we wanted to hit up.

SUTTER: We all went in my hometown with my buddies from school. We got dressed up and usually one of our dads or parents would drive us from neighborhood to neighborhood. We would just run around crazy for a few hours. It was so much fun. I wish we could still do it, but I don’t know if people would take too kindly giving candy to a 25-year-old. It’s been pretty fun.

MAATTA: When I was a little kid, I remember going to trick-and-treat once in a while. That's probably it. It's not as big in Finland as it is here.

What did you use to trick-or-treat with?
JEFFREY: I think it was a pillowcase we did. You just hope for as much candy as possible, so you don’t want to limit yourself with a small bag.

ZATKOFF: Pillowcase. When you’re really young you don’t know. But when you get older you want to get as much candy as you could. I had three siblings. So it was a battle to see who could get the most candy. I always tried to get a full pillowcase or more. We’d have to dump it all out and dad and mom would go through and take all the good stuff away. All the stuff that was open.

Overall, what’s your favorite part about Halloween?
JEFFREY: Candy. Going house-to-house, I remember it as a kid, it was awesome. I had two older brothers and they would take us around. Now, it’s just seeing the costumes. How creative and how different they are. We had a Halloween party and just to see kind of the different costumes that show up, that’s the best part now.

SUTTER: I think it’s much more fun when you’re a kid. Back when you’re 8 or 10 years old, that’s the high point. Now I think it’s seeing little kids and how much they enjoy it, getting candy. Every year we do a team party too and it’s fun. Everyone gets dressed up. There are some creative costumes.
MAATTA: I tried carving a pumpkin. That was pretty fun. I love pumpkin foods and pumpkin treats. Those are really good.

BYLSMA: My least favorite part is when my wife dresses up the dog. He's got a couple costumes. He's got a cowboy costume, he's got a clown costume. It's not good. I enjoy seeing the kids come to the door and what they're in, what costumes they're wearing. There's inevitably going to be a handful of unbelievably cute costumes and kids tonight.

And finally…
Should trick-or-treaters make sure to stop by the Bylsma home tonight?
BYLSMA: They should. Full-sized (candy bars), many options, and we usually buy about 3-5 bags too many. So yeah, you should show up at the Bylsma house to get a full dose of candy.
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