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Pens Share Their Favorite Fleury Moments

by Michelle Crechiolo / Pittsburgh Penguins
Penguins goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury earned his 300th career win on Monday, becoming the third-youngest goalie in NHL history to reach that milestone after legendary netminders Terry Sawchuk and Martin Brodeur. Fleury, 29, is the longest-tenured player on Pittsburgh’s roster and has gotten every single one of those victories in a Penguins uniform.

“To win, you need goaltending and he’s been so good for so long,” captain Sidney Crosby said. “He came into the league at such a young age and has just gotten better and better. Happy to see him doing well and it’s a great accomplishment.”

In honor of Fleury’s tremendous achievement, his teammates Crosby, Evgeni Malkin, Kris Letang, Chris Kunitz, Pascal Dupuis, Brandon Sutter, Paul Martin and Rob Scuderi reflected on all things ‘Flower.’

“I think the obvious one’s got to be that save in (Game 7 of the 2009 Stanley Cup Final) against Detroit. I can remember thinking just win that faceoff, everything’s good. And then all of a sudden the puck’s there and they’ve got (Nicklas) Lidstrom all alone and ‘Flower’ is a pretty upbeat guy, he’s always doing something, he can’t really sit still. But he looked calm as I’ve ever seen him when he had to make that save. He made it look pretty easy for such a big moment. But that one always sticks out when I think of big saves and things like that.”

“Maybe the biggest Flower moment he’s known for around Pittsburgh is the Secret Service save there against Detroit in Game 7 at the end of the game, the backdoor play. Greatest one.”

“I mean, there’s so many. But obviously the save in 2009 at the end of Game 7 against Lidstrom, I think it was probably my favorite.”

“Definitely the Game 7 save. You see glimpses of Lidstrom coming down and Flower throwing everything he has at it towards the puck to keep it out of our net. That’s the type of player and type of person he is.”

“My favorite memory is when I scored my first NHL goal on him (as a member of the Carolina Hurricanes on Oct. 23, 2008 at Mellon Arena). Brooks Orpik had a little turnover in the neutral zone and I went in on a breakaway and scored. That’s probably my favorite moment I’ve ever had with Flower. He might not like it too much, but I’ll go with it.”

“My whole memories are that I score every practice, 10 goals. Every shootout, I score on him. I don’t know how he wins 300. It’s a surprise to me.”

“Then I have to say a pretty recent one would be that shootout (on Nov. 15 vs. NY Rangers). Having him come in here, he doesn’t like to lose. Pretty sure he broke his stick and he might have had half his gear off, then all of a sudden his mood completely changed. He makes the save and then everything’s great. It was just one of those great moments as a team and then for Flower too, a goalie has a lot of pressure in a shootout and that kind of just said everything right there about him. He was just able to put his stuff back on like nothing happened and he goes out there and wins the game. He’s an easygoing guy and you’re not successful as a goalie unless you have a great mentality like that. I would say for Flower, those two things stick out.”

“Even in practice, he’s always that fun-loving guy that’s always making it energetic. It’s exciting times even when we’re doing shootouts at the end of the day. He’s doing pushups and spinning around and teasing us all to score on him and we still can’t.”

“He plays every puck in every practice, wants to get better, wants everybody around him to get better as well. We try to score on every shot and he’s trying to stop every shot. Not too many starting goalies stay in the net and battle for every single save on every single puck out there in practice.”

“He’s always here to work. Obviously guys love to practice with him. He challenges every player. He never gives up on a shot. He’s a great teammate.”


“Flower always wants to get into a fight. He’s never been in one, but seeing him take his blocker off or stuff like that, it’s always (funny) to see.”


“(If he wants to score his first career goal) I think he needs to spend a little bit more time in the workout room and make sure he’s got some wrist curls. Maybe he’s going to get one.”


“All the other (memories) are probably Marc-Andre getting out of his net a little too many times, maybe (laughs). So many great saves and all I keep telling him is ‘stay in your net, Flower!’”


“He’s just always, always smiling and always upbeat.”

“I think anyone will tell you he’s just always got a smile on his face. He’s always upbeat. Even in the toughest of times, I think he always finds something to laugh about, keeps things light. I think his energy is pretty contagious. He’s brought that since Day 1.”

“I think the biggest thing that ‘Flower’ brings is excitement, intensity, passion. He’s a fun goalie that you want to play in front of. He’s someone you want to win for and do everything you can because he loves the game. He’s having fun with his teammates off the ice. On the ice he makes a big save and is giggling, laughing and having fun. The biggest thing is his love for the game and how much he makes you want to play defense in front of him.”

“He’s got a funny personality. We went to the hospital one time to visit children and give the gifts. A couple of us were talking to this little girl. And we were asking her about SpongeBob and other things. Out of nowhere ‘Flower’ perks up and goes, (in a Fleury voice impression) “Do you like chocolate?” We were all like, what? Where did that come from? It was so random. But the girl had candy wrappers on her table and ‘Flower’ saw them. It was hilarious.”

“He’s a great friend, an unbelievable teammate. Obviously we want to work hard for him. He’s the kind of guy you want to go to battle for every single day. He never puts blame to everybody else, and he probably takes more than he deserves at any one single time. But he makes a lot of big saves back there, we know we can count on him at any time and we definitely like going out there and competing for our goalie.”
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