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Penguins Report: 2013 Development Camp (Day 3)

by Staff Writer / Pittsburgh Penguins

The prospects spent their afternoon tossin' paint in the heat, competing at SteelTown Paintball Park. The players picked their teams and were driven up the hill in a military transport truck. After some safety instructions, they jumped into the paintball arena.

-- James Santelli

After the power skating (SO MUCH POWER), the crew laid down the two-foot-tall, cushiony mini-walls. It was 3-on-3 time. The rink was divided into thirds, and prospects played two simultaneous games on the left and right ends of the shortened ice. The three-man lines changed about once every 40 seconds.

Among the impressive performers were Bryan Rust (two goals), Oskar Sundqvist (scored the game-winner in Period 5) and Tristan Jarry (strong goaltending). Stick taps to all the goaltenders, actually. The netminders held up well, stopping shots that seemed to be fired every five seconds. There's not much neutral zone when your surface is 85 feet long as opposed to 200 feet. After getting a taste of competition in these 3-on-3 scrimmages, we're looking forward to seeing the prospects in the big one on Saturday.

The three amigos are ready...


"Mr. Guerin, great to meet you. Tell me, what was it like playing with Viacheslav Fetisov?"

Scott Harrington and Blaine Byron get nice 'n' cozy on the near boards.

Teddy Blueger just sits back and waits for the kudos after his goal.

Bros for life.

Way to go, boys! Who's Team B now, huh?

"Uh, coach? The room got dark again."

"Hey, have you guys seen Pouliot's hair? Glorious."

Carter Rowney goes fishin' for pucks.

Ah yes, the goal... right near the end of the bench. So that's where we left it.

Harrington (8) and Grant Opperman (16) freak out as a chupacabra finds its way to the ice (not pictured).

Uh, a little personal space?

"What's up, boys. Do you think fish have dreams?"

"This is the worst camp ever. They took away my kayak."

-- Michelle Crechiolo (photos) and James Santelli (captions)


Seeing as how hockey continues to take place on ice, despite our best efforts to implement summertime Beach Hockey, it only makes sense to learn a little skating. So the Penguins brought in skating consultant Marianne Watkins to teach the young bucks about power skating. But next year, Beach Hockey.

The power skating wasn't always easy. Some guys fell! On their butts! On ice! Only the lucky goaltenders were spared.

Marianne gives smashing news.

Dominik Uher chasing down Philip Samuelsson like he owes him money. (Hey Philip, pay up.)

If the whole hockey thing doesn't work out, maybe you guys can lobby for synchronized figure skating in the Olympics.

This is our band's album cover. Do we have a band name? ... The Prospecters.

"See, these blades let you move quickly on the ice. It's what we call 'skating.' Try it out!"

Smell the glove.

Reid McNeill by a nose.

Snow in July. Isn't CONSOL Energy Center a magical place?

I sure could go for a Dairy Queen Blizzard right about now.

Those aren't hockey players skating behind Ryan Segalla. They personify his conscience. Whoa.

Troy Josephs skates for Development Camp glory.

-- James Santelli


Eric Hartzell's seen some things, man. (shakes head) Bad things.

The goal must be very intimidated having to stare at the back of Sean Maguire's helmet all game long.

Derrick Pouliot is all business.


Who says the penguin is a flightless bird? Look at 'em go!

No one pulls off the touch of gray like Bill Guerin. Let's hope Just For Men is paying attention.

Bend It Like Pouliot.

A reminder you shouldn't get into a staring contest with Matt Murray. His eyes might make you burst into flames.

Matia Marcantuoni was drafted by the Penguins last year, just over a century after he invented the radio.

Teddy Blueger, elite forward prospect, suddenly realizes his own mortality. As do you all.

Hey guys, how do I hockey?

-- James Santelli

Player development coach Bill Guerin spoke Wednesday about the players who have impressed him this week, as well as his post-playing career as the organization's player development coach.

-- Michelle Crechiolo

Day 3 of summer camp is one of the best days. You're finally starting to learn the names of your fellow campers. Maybe you even have a nickname yourself. Maybe it's a good one. You are getting a handle on making proper S'mores and roasting wieners.

At Development Camp, Day 3 means a whole lot of fun. We will watch prospects facing off in 3-on-3 scrimmages this morning in anticipation of the big 5-on-5 scrimmage Saturday afternoon (and you can be there!). Later on, the guys will head out to play paintball, always a favorite among the campers.

It all goes back to that whole "building teamwork" part of camp. These hockey players will head in separate directions next week: back to college, junior teams, European squads or the minor leagues. But this week, they are all in the same Penguins uniform. I think I'm going to cry...

Sappiness aside, Day 3 should be very entertaining, so keep it locked here on along with updates from our Facebook and Twitter pages, plus new videos on PensTV.

And they say we'll have some fun when it stops raining.

-- James Santelli

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