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Tallon's Special Birthday Gift

by Staff Writer / Florida Panthers
Panthers General Manager Dale Tallon poses for a photo with his Stanley Cup ring that he received on his 60th birthday. (Blame the photographer for the bad photo. Dale was truly thrilled that he received his ring). (Glenn Odebralski)
By Glenn Odebralski for

I don't know what you got for your last birthday, but I'm pretty sure it didn't beat the gift that Panthers General Manager received for his birthday present today.

He only received a Stanley Cup ring.

While in no way was it meant as a birthday present, it was pretty special none-the-less to receive it on his 60th birthday.

"Great present from the Blackhawks," said Tallon this afternoon. "It was very classy of them to do that and I'm really proud of it and I didn't expect anything less from them. It's fantastic to know that I was a big part of them winning the Stanley Cup."

Tallon received it via a special rendezvous.

"Blackhawks president John McDonough came down to Fort Lauderdale this morning and hand delivered it to me," said Tallon. "It was a pretty special moment."

Asked where it ranked among his birthday presents of all time, Tallon rated it right up there.

"It's pretty sensational. I'm pretty proud of it and it's been a great day," said Tallon. "I'm excited to have had the opportunity and to have this as a strong piece of history.

"It's pretty big," joked Tallon. "My right arm will be pretty tired after the day but it's not about the ring, it's about what it stands for."

Beaming about the sincere gesture by the Blackhawks, Tallon excitedly showed off his new bling to the Panthers players following practice at the Iceplex.

"They were pretty excited to see it," said Tallon. "It's a great motivational tool."

Always one to look forward, Tallon is already anxious to use that motivation and make it become a reality in South Florida.

"I look forward more to doing the same thing here with the Panthers."

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