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Rookie Rant: "C" Is For Champions

by Staff Writer / Florida Panthers
Following the huge success of last season's Kelli's Korner, would like to introduce this season's BOVA Panthers Ice Dancer blogger, Yendi. A rookie this season, Yendi will be sharing her thoughts on this upcoming season from what's going on with the dancers to what's going on and off the ice, as well as anything else that she cares to discuss in her blog known as ROOKIE RANT.

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There are very few times in life where one gets the opportunity to work in an organization such as the Florida Panthers and, even more so, for the NHL. In the last couple of posts I have shared with you my adventures with the rest of the girls as we do our thing at the home games, appearances and volunteer in the community through The Florida Panthers Foundation. 

Every morning I wake up with the motivation and desire to be a champion, whether it’s beating my last time on my morning jog or getting a 100% grade on the paper or video project I am working on. Among all the adventures I find myself in, working with children and young adults has been the most fulfilling. For me, growing up in Miami is a definitely an adventure and I would not be the person I am today if it weren’t for those teachers and leaders that took the time to help me develop my artistic, athletic and academic abilities. Large organizations, much like the Florida Panthers, also had a hand in helping me get to where I needed to go because of their corporate philosophies in giving back to the community. 

Recently, on my time off, I made a trip to Incredible Ice, the official practice rink for the BOYZ, in Coral Springs, FL. As a reporter in training, I took my trusty video camera with me to see what I would find. I definitely did not find the BOYZ (I’m not trying to get in trouble) but I did find some STARS, some Youth Hockey League stars. These kids have the determination and drive to be champions and not enough people recognize the importance of providing a place for young athletes to develop into professional hockey players. I am definitely proud to be a part of this organization and salute the Executive Board for their efforts in giving back to the community. 

Hockey is definitely something for the BOYZ to do; I’ll stick to dancing, reporting and rookie adventures.
Reporter in Training

Rebecca, Daniel and Yendi Rocking the Rink

The Most Spirited Fans I’ve met so far

The Ice Dancers have been celebrating the holidays and the coming of the New Year. We got our Warm Up suits at the Ice Dancer Holiday Party and they look fresh!


We also celebrated Ayako’s Birthday with traditional Japanese cooking and Origami! 

Ayako, Yendi, Peggy, Kelli, Judy at Ayako’s Birthday Party

Our Cute Holiday Performance Outfits

Brianna, Ayako, Jessica, Yendi and Brittany in “Ice Dancer Holiday Fashion”

Champions in the NHL are noted as such when they win the Stanley Cup. These BOYZ are definitely Championship material, I can see it with my own eyes at each home game in the BankAtlantic Center or on television when they are away. This team is made up of some powerful athletes whose time is coming soon. I urge you to support the Panthers, the Ice Dancers, and all youth athletic and artistic organizations. 

This one is for the BOYZ and my TEAM: 

“When you're playing against a stacked deck, compete even harder. Show the world how much you'll fight for the winner's circle. If you do, someday the cellophane will crackle off a fresh pack, one that belongs to you, and the cards will be stacked in your favor.”
-    Pat Riley

Rookie of the Week: COURTNEY

Courtney is our Detroit import and a very strong dancer. Not only is she beautiful she is also one of the most real people I have met. She comes to practice ready to take on the world. Her attitude is always positive and the girl can kick! Our last appearance together was in West Palm on a very cold night. Anyone else would complain about the freezing temperature or the uncomfortable conditions but Courtney was chilling. In fact, I asked if she would go over choreography with me and instead of saying “no I don’t think it’s a good idea” she said “let’s do it.” I love that! When you are part of a team, having team mates like Courtney is essential to making a good team into a GREAT team. Court also teaches dance to young children and we always trade up different techniques that work best for them. WORK IT COURTNEY!

See you on the ice!

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