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Dancers Dialogue: Summer Catch Up & Auditions

by Staff Writer / Florida Panthers
A new feature for, the Panthers Ice Dancers will be posting their thoughts throughout the year in their blog Dancers Dialogue. A different girl will fill everyone in on what's going on with the hottest dance team on the Ice.

Hey Panther Fans!

First off, let me start off by saying thank you for stopping by to read my blog and hear about what the Ice Dancers are up to! My name is Brianna and I have just completed my Rookie season with the Panthers Ice Dancers. It’s hard to describe how you feel when your number is called at the Final Auditions, but I was so happy to hear it and so happy to continue my passion for dance with such an amazing organization.

With one successful season under my belt, I must say, it was very gratifying to receive the “Rookie of the Year Award” at our Annual End of the Year Dinner. Although it may be called the End of the Year Dinner, that doesn’t mean it’s the end of the season for us! For the Ice Dancers, the season never ends. Even though we’re not on the ice performing, we are still doing appearances all throughout the summer.

Recently, Judy and I competed in a Wii Bowling Competition. No, I’m not joking…we played Wii Bowling and it got really intense! The appearance was to benefit the Junior Achievement of South Florida and it was quite a fun one to participate in. In the end, the last teams standing had to compete. (You know we had to represent for the Florida Panthers well!) It narrowed down to the Ice Dancers against two beauty queens, and needless to say….we WON and stole their crowns! Just kidding, we didn’t steal their crowns but we did kick some beauty queen butt!

Judy and Brianna at the Wii Play for Junior Achievement

Judy and Brianna in action!

Some of you may have seen Sophia and I at the NHL Draft Party at Duffy’s Sports Bar in Ft. Lauderdale. Everyone was so anxious and excited to see which teams would pick up their favorite players and more importantly, who would the Florida Panthers draft! After such a long summer break, it was great to see all of our fans again! We even got the chance to play a game of street hockey with some of the kids outside. I must admit, Sophia and I did get beat by a bunch of 10 year olds, but that’s not stopping us! We may just have to put together a Hockey in Heels party with the Dancers and really see what can happen then! ;) I think we picked some great players that will be in our line up in the very near future and I’m sure most would agree! 

Sophia and Brianna at Duffy’s

With all of the appearances I’ve participated in this season (and there have been many!), I would have to say the “Christmas in July” appearance was my favorite. The BankAtlantic Center hosts this annual event where hundreds of needy children come and receive gifts and have some fun. This was so heart-warming to see and I really love being a part of events that benefit the kids directly. All of the kids were so grateful to see us and appreciative of everything they were given. Just being there reminds you to value the little things in life and it gave me a new found appreciation for what I have and what I can do for others.

Simona, Brianna and Courtney with our smallest Panthers Fan!

Peggy, Simona, Brianna and Courtney

Peggy, Brianna and Courtney with their faces painted

The 2010-2011 season is just around the corner, and so are our Panthers Ice Dancers Auditions! If you’re interested in auditioning you can get more information here. We’ve also been offering some Prep Classes to get the audition hopefuls ready for the big day! I had a blast at last week’s class and it was so exciting to see some new faces. It’s also a lot less nerve wrecking being on the other side, already in uniform. Although, I could definitely relate to how nervous they all were. And of course I’m nervous as well… all the returning girls still have to Audition and you know what you would be missing out on if you don’t make it. Being side by side with beautiful and talented girls all competing for the judges’ attention can be very intimidating, but completely worth it! : )

Hope to see you all on Gameday at the arena! And for all of the girls auditioning August 14th,, good luck to you all!



PS: Be sure to check out my page in this month’s Panthers Insider Magazine. That image was shot in the beautiful Grand Bahama Island!
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