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Dancers Dialogue: Game Day Picnic

by Staff Writer / Florida Panthers
A new feature for, the Panthers Ice Dancers will be posting their thoughts throughout the year in their blog Dancers Dialogue. A different girl will fill everyone in on what's going on with the hottest dance team on the Ice.

*Editor's note: The Game Day Presentation Picnic took place back at the end of April*

Hey Fans!

My name is Peggy and I am a 2nd year veteran for the Florida Panthers Ice Dancers. It’s sad to say that the 2009-2010 Panthers season has come to an end, but this means that it’s time for all of our end-of-the-season festivities! One of my favorite events is our annual Game Day Presentation Picnic accompanied by the Puckey Awards. This picnic allows for everyone involved with the production of game day to get together and celebrate the hard work throughout the year.

As a Panthers Ice Dancer, we endure rehearsals four days a week, numerous promotional and charity appearances, Panthers game nights and not to mention our lives outside of dancing. As a result, when we get to come together as a team to just have some fun, WE GO BIG …and this picnic was no exception! There’s barbequing, volleyball tournaments (The PID dominated the volleyball court), horseshoes, a bounce house, water balloons, pranks and new to the activities this year, a homemade slip-and-slide.

Everyone involved in the game day presentation for the Florida Panthers (I like to call us the “entertainment crew”) is invited to hang out and celebrate the season. Since game nights are so busy, it is definitely great to see everyone outside of the icy arena and share some laughs under the sun. The Party Parrot was out in full force this year for some pie-in-the-face----maybe you all will get to see him at the games next year!
In between the pranks, the food and the games, we take a break to give out the prestigious Puckey Awards. At the last game of the season we all vote and nominate one another for different awards---some funny, some cute and some are very thoughtful. I am proud to announce that out of 20 awards, the Panthers Ice Dancers were nominated for 12 and nabbed seven of them! Ladies and Gents, allow me to present the winners:

Sophia took home TWO PUCKEYS! The “Hurry the Heck Up!” Award and the “How’s My Hair?” Award. Now, for anyone that really knows Sophia, you know she LOVES to spend a lot of time styling her hair and is always last out of the locker room on game days…but always in style! 

Next, we have the award for the most likely to be on his/her cell phone, cleverly named the “Over My Limit” Award. Ringing in as the winner was Brianna. Don’t let her fool you…her excuse is that she is the only girl that has service down in the locker room.   

Judy received the “Iron Man/Woman” Award. This award was presented for never missing a game.  

Speaking of games, Lola won the “Best on Camera Performance” Award. This was for her unforgettable marriage proposal on center ice during the last game. (Check out Lola’s Blog to read more about it!)

The next award needs no explanation, “Best Able to Work Under Pressure” went to our Panthers Ice Dancers Assistant Director, Kelli. 

Lastly, I am proud to say that I too was given an award! I was so thrilled to hear my name when they announced the “Most Panthers Spirit” Award. Definitely was the highlight of the picnic for me. Check us out showing off our new Puckey Awards. Notice how I’m decked out in my Panthers gear!

Sophia, Brianna, Judy, Lola, Kelli, Peggy

As the day begins to die down, we gather for one final award…the “Golden Stanley.” The Golden Stanley is awarded each year for the most memorable event to happen at the picnic. Once you receive the Golden Stanley, you must add your own memento on it and return it for next season’s picnic. For the first time in three years, a dancer won the Golden Stanley! That’s right my friends…the dancers are taking over! Judy was the winner for her ability to slide down the soapy slip and slide and manage to get her belt loop caught and tear the plastic. (Good going, Judy!)

Since the Golden Stanley has been decorated by male winners from previous years, we feel as though it definitely needs a girl’s touch. Spoiler Alert: The Golden Stanley could be shaking some pom-poms and perhaps have pink painted claws when it returns!  We just have to wait a whole year to know for sure. Not to worry though, just as this season flew by, another will soon commence!

Judy with the Golden Stanley

Judy, Megan, Silvia, Sophia, Brianna, Krystal, Brittany, Jessica, Lola, Peggy, Kelli, Courtney, Nichole

For now, on behalf of the Panther Ice Dancers, have a safe, fun and adventurous off season Panthers fans!


Interested In Joining the Panthers Ice Dancers?                 

Panthers Ice Dancers Auditions are being held on August 14th, 2010 at the BankAtlantic Center. We are also offering Prep Classes before the Audition Date where you can learn similar choreography, meet and greet with the Panthers Ice Dancers and receive tips from the Directors. Hope to see you out there! Click here for more audition info!
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