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Dancers Dialogue: 80s Night & Laser Tag

by Staff Writer / Florida Panthers
A new feature for, the Panthers Ice Dancers will be posting their thoughts throughout the year in their blog Dancers Dialogue. A different girl will fill everyone in on what's going on with the hottest dance team on the Ice.

Hi Panther Fans!

My name is Karlyn and I’m one of your 2010-2011 Florida Panthers Ice Dancers. This is my rookie season and I’ve had an amazing time so far.

Between working for an incredible organization and dancing with my fellow Ice Dancers, I couldn’t have asked for a better team to be with. I hope you all are having a blast at every home game and hopefully I get the chance to meet all of you.

As many of you know, we have to practice every week so that we are perfect at our home games. We usually practice three times a week and then attend our scheduled games.  Sometimes we have themed night practices whether it is holiday related or just fun ways to unite as a team. One Wednesday, our Directors told us we were going to have an 80’s theme night for practice. The whole team got all dressed up in their 80’s wear and went to the gym for rehearsal. I showed up like Madonna while a veteran on the team, Courtney, came with this huge purple rocker wig on. Danielle, another rookie, wore a high-cut leotard as well as tights, headband and leg warmers. We all had our cameras out taking pictures and posing in our crazy wardrobes. It looked like we just stepped out from a time machine that came from the 80’s!

Showing off the 80s clothes

Ice Dancers team photo in their 80s outfits

After all the initial excitement from seeing each other, we had a short meeting with our Directors. They let us know how proud they were of us and how much we’ve accomplished during the season so far. In honor of all the dedication, they told us they had cancelled practice and we were going to play laser tag instead!

We couldn’t believe it! The laser tag area was right by the gym where we were hold some of our practices so we all walked over there and got ready to play a competitive game of laser tag! We all had to make our code names and go over the rules with everybody. My name was “Pinky”. Unfortunately I wasn’t the winner for the night. The winner was another rookie, Jenny.  She won a prize from our Directors for being the highest scorer.

Laser tag anyone?

Following laser tag our Directors held a costume contest. Four team members were nominated for best dressed 80’s wear. The nominees were Peggy, our Co-Captain, Courtney, a 2nd year veteran, Danielle and me. Everyone looked amazing in their 80’s wear so it was a tough decision but the winner was………………Courtney!!! She did look extremely 80’s in her purple wig! 

Alexis, Karlyn & Danielle

We all had such a good time and it was a great bonding experience for the team. I love working with the other Ice Dancers and having such great support from our Directors, Nichole and Kelli.

I hope you fans enjoyed this insight to one of our rehearsal about our 80’s theme night and look forward to reading future blogs about us Ice Dancers. We love our fans and without you guys the games wouldn’t be the same.

Don’t be shy and come say hi to us in section 127.  Go CATS!

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