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Why you need Twitter

by Jen Sharpe / Edmonton Oilers
This edition of my blog is dedicated to Twitter and, specifically, why you should sign up to receive Oilers Twitter updates ASAP. I know what you're thinking: “Jen, I really don't get it. What is Twitter? Like, just status updates? That's it? I don't get it. Really. I don't.”

Well, to be honest, I don't really get it either, but I do know that Oilers fans would benefit from signing up. Here's why:


Although we do our best to update our website multiple times a day, each website update takes time to accomplish. If we need graphics, we have to source those out, edit them, and post. And if we're adding video & audio, we need to edit that together, upload, add graphics, and post. Often times, we come across little bits of information that we know our fans would be interested in, but we simply don't have enough material to create an entire story out of it. Or we are stuck in the stands without immediate access to our laptops.

This is where Twitter comes in. Twitter allows us (and anybody else) to deliver short updates to anybody who chooses to follow our feed. It's exactly like the Facebook status update, minus all the other stuff that goes along with Facebook.

Like a wide-open Facebook account, our Twitter page can be accessed anytime by anyone. (Check out for proof.) The official Oilers Twitter page has been up and running for just over a week and so far we have over 600 followers. These very smart, very hip folks receive live updates about current web content, game-day line combinations, injuries, and more. We Twitter from every practice and every game, and because we often do it from our BlackBerrys, there's no delay in delivering the goods.

If you have a Bell cell phone, it gets even better: when you sign up for your own Twitter account, you can choose to receive our tweets (that's Twitter-speak for updates) directly to your cell. I'm sure Twitter will be adding more Canadian mobile providers as time goes on, but currently Bell is the only supported provider.


“Jen, that sounds like a lot of work,” is what you're thinking. But you are wrong. It isn't a lot of work, and there is no requirement for you to start tweeting on your own (unless you want to, of course). With your own account, you can get a personalized feed of current news from every local news outlet, your other less-favourite sports teams, and celebrities. The Blackhawks, Stars, Canucks, Blue Jackets, and many more NHL teams are on Twitter, as is Ellen DeGeneres and Sean P. Combs.

This week, I'm on the road with the team and you can rest assured that I will be tweeting regularly. What's for breakfast? Twitter will know. What movie we watched on the plane? Twitter will know. What it feels like to attend morning skate after a late game in Denver followed by a two-hour flight to Chicago? Twitter will definitely know.

Next Wednesday, I'll tell you all about the road trip (which, by that point, will be old news to my fellow Twitterers).

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