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Road Trip Reflections

by Tom Gilbert / Edmonton Oilers
We got back into town a few days ago and it feels really good to be back. The worst part about long road trips like that is carrying around all your luggage. It's awful. You have to pack it up every single time and get it on the bus and then unpack it. You've got two suits and a handful of shirts and then whatever you bought on the trip, so I actually brought three bags with me which was really annoying after a while. Then you have to do a ton of laundry when you get back, which is even worse.

The play in New York was really good. It was kind of like Rent with lots of singing and dancing so my mom really enjoyed it, of course. We sat three rows from the stage which I've never done before so that was kind of cool. We walked to the theatre from our hotel and even though it was 20 blocks away, we went right through Times Square on a Saturday night which was awesome. I wish I could do that every day.

I forgot to mention that after our game in Philadelphia a few of us went bowling because it was about the only thing to do in that city. It was me, Sam, and a buddy of Robert Nilsson's against Rob, JD, and Brodziak. We won the first game easily, but when it came down to the second game, JD had to knock over four pins on his last throw to win the game. It was a miracle ball. It knocked over the pin on the far left and then the three others on the opposite side. So we lost that game and then lost in extra frames so it was kind of devastating.

When I was in Wilkes-Barre with Nilsson, Kyle, Schremp, and JD, we bowled all the time. I shouldn't admit this but I actually have my own bowling ball. That's probably why we lost that game because I didn't have my own bowling ball with me. Let's blame it on that.

Anyway, those were a few of the highlights from the road trip. It's good to be back at home.

Talk to you later,
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