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Principe's Blog: Taylor or Tyler?

by Gene Principe / Edmonton Oilers
The choice between Taylor & Tyler became official on June 25, 2010 when Hall donned an Oilers sweater for the first time.

It seems almost funny now that the debate ever raged between Taylor and Tyler and whether Hall or Seguin was the right choice to be the first ever first overall pick in Edmonton Oilers history. It was a two teenager race that wasn't decided until the Oilers made their announcement on the 25th of June at Staples Center in LA.

We knew the choice would start with a 'T' but who knew that once they called Taylor Hall that he would fit Edmonton to a 'T'.

It wasn't until after the draft that it became clear that in the buildup the Oilers played it perfectly to garner as much attention as possible for this historic first pick. That isn't to say they didn't like Tyler but it was Taylor that they wanted along. It was Hall not Seguin they thought would be the biggest and best building block for a team trying to claw it's way out of the NHL's basement and back to respectability.

The reason now seems the right time to write this is because next Sunday barring anything unexpected Tyler will meet Taylor as Boston will take on Edmonton. The first time the two and their respective teams will go against each other at this level. It should prove to be a very interesting night for Seguin and Hall. To this point the battle of who should have been picked first is a whole lot closer than what the two have shown in there rookie seasons..hands down Taylor trumps Tyler.

Before I go on I must say that I am biased towards Taylor. That's what happens when you talk to someone almost every day from September until now. You get to know them and in Hall's case you can't help but get to like him. However personality comparisons aren't what this article is about because when I met Seguin leading up to the draft he struck me as a real nice kid as well. This is about who the better hockey player is and right now Hall gets a resounding victory in that area.

Hall is coming off his first ever hat trick in the NHL this weekend which bumped his goal total to 20. That is just short of Seguins totals when it comes to goals and assists as he has 21 points this season on 10 goals and 11 assists. In Hall's case along with his tied for the team lead 20 markers he also has 18 assists and is second on the team in scoring. Seguin is 14th in scoring on the Bruins. Now I will say being on a worse team is an advantage for Hall in that he gets to plays a lot while Seguin is stuck behind others in a B's lineup that is better than the Oilers lineup.

Along with numbers the thing I see from Hall is what he did on Saturday. The kid took over a game and carried the Oilers to a win. I don't think Seguin will be able to do that nearly as often as Hall. Taylor has that 'wow' factor that not a lot of players have let alone rookies which includes rookies like Seguin. The Bruins got a nice player with a good upside but the Oilers got a franchise player to build their team around. Taylor over Tyler at the draft, during the season and I think eventually their careers.

Author: Gene Principe

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