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NHL discusses Smyth goal and Moreau non-goal

by Staff Writer / Edmonton Oilers
NHL Senior Vice President & Director of Officiating Stephen Walkom addressed the media on Sunday to talk about the Ryan Smyth goal and Ethan Moreau non-goal.

What did you see on the Ryan Smyth goal?
STEPHEN WALKOM: On the Ryan Smyth goal the puck was batted out of the air by the goalie, it bounced off of the Edmonton player, and went into the net.
And it may seem basic but that's exactly what happened.

I think the Hurricanes were upset, they felt that Smyth went into the goaltender on his own. Did you see any desire of his to hit the goalie without being provoked into it?
STEPHEN WALKOM: No, actually the puck was in the air. Smyth tried to knock the puck out of the air with his stick. And at the same time, Ward tried to knock the puck out of the air, was successful in doing so, it bounced off Smyth.

The Ethan Moreau one, Mick McGeough lost site of the puck, obviously, do you have any problem with his positioning, what he was trying to do losing the puck there?
STEPHEN WALKOM: No, on that play I think every referee when a goalie covers up the puck you are going to blow the whistle. He blew the whistle. He judged it to be a finished play, and then the goalie opened up his legs and obviously the puck was there and was shot into the net.
So I was pleased, the guys worked real hard to get into position all night.

Ron MacLean had some issue with the way Mick explained it to Ethan, maybe too vocal. Did you see anything like that?
STEPHEN WALKOM: No, I have no issue with that at all. I think Mick communicates well with the players. I think the players communicate well with Mick.

Source: National Hockey League
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