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Jordan Eberle answers your questions!

by Marc Ciampa / Edmonton Oilers
Jordan Eberle was selected 22nd overall by the Edmonton Oilers at the NHL Entry Draft in late June. A lifelong supporter of the team, Eberle was thrilled to be able to pull on that copper and blue jersey on draft day.

Recently, Jordan took the time to answer your questions submitted over the past week. 
Edmonton Oilers 2008 first round draft choice Jordan Eberle. (photo: Getty Images)
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Q:    My cousin in Regina has seen you play with the Pats several times and is very impressed with your quick release. How did you develop this skill?
– Jeff S., Winnipeg

A:      I think the biggest thing was when I was younger, we had a garage and a board. My brother and I fired 100 pucks a day. We had shooting competitions and I think it developed from there.

Q:      I find it interesting that your birthday is May 15, 1990 which happens to be the day Petr Klima scored in triple overtime in game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals against the Boston Bruins. That was my first time watching an NHL hockey game and the first of many memorable moments of my favourite NHL team, The Edmonton Oilers. What is your first memory of watching the Edmonton Oilers? Also congrats on being a first round draft pick.
– Dan Holt, Edmonton

A:   I'm trying to think here... I think I just grew up watching them, they were always on CBC. I don't have any specific memories but I know we used to always tune in and it was the team I always flipped to. I don't really have one big fond memory because I wasn't born in the dynasty era where they won all the Cups but watching Ryan Smyth I'd say was one of the biggest memories.

Q:    Hey Jordan having the same dream as you to get your name called up by the Edmonton Oilers, I was just wondering how did it feel to hear your name get called and then walk up to the stage and put on that Oilers jersey?
– Caine Smith, St. Albert

A:   The biggest thing was more of a relief. It was nice to finally get it over with. I guess you're waiting your whole life for it to be done and now that it's finally over with we can get on to the real stuff. At the time it was very exciting. That's where I wanted to go and to be picked like that was very exciting.

   Welcome to Edmonton, the City of Champions. How many teams other than the Oilers did you meet with prior to being selected by Edmonton?
– Brian, Edmonton

A:    I met with 22 at the combine (in Toronto, early June) and five at the NHL draft. Every team seemed interested but for the most part it seemed the Oilers were the most interested and that's where I wanted to go.

Jordan Eberle surveys his surroundings after putting on an Oilers jersey for the first time. Sam Gagner (right) looks on.
Q:    I heard that you asked the Oilers how Sam Gagner made the jump to the NHL so quickly.  Gagner was there at the draft, so did you get a chance to ask him, and if so, what did he say?
– Brennan, Edmonton

A:    I asked Lowe about it at the interviews and they gave me a straight answer. When I saw Gagner at the draft it was more of a shock than anything. I didn't expect him to be there.

Q:    Who would you best describe your game to be like and does it add some pressure to your development being compared to hockey greats? There have been several comparisons with Joe Mullen and a few to Joe Sakic.
– Michael, Edmonton

A:    I think the closest comparison would be Daniel Briere. I play a similar style to him and one day I'd like to get to the same skill level as him but I have a lot of work to do.

It's kind of cool to be compared to them but you know in the back of your mind you're nowhere near what they've accomplished and what they've done but it's neat to be compared to people like that.

Q:    Jordan, what are your plans for the summer training wise?
– Jeff Brideau, Petawawa, ON

A:    I work out at a place called Crash Conditioning, it's run by Doug Crashley. He does a great job working with physical training and even on the ice. My biggest thing is I've got to gain some weight right now.

Q:    How far into the future do you see yourself in the NHL? Do you think you have a realistic chance of contending for a position in this year’s camp?
– Dan Thorsen, Edmonton

A:    I'd love to play this year but realistically I know I need to gain some weight. At the same time I'm going to go into camp with the mindset to make the team.

Q:    Who are you most excited about playing with? What do you think about you and Hemsky on a line together in the future?
– Snail Thawer, Edmonton

A:    The whole team! Names like Sam Gagner, Hemsky, Nilsson and Cogliano. All these guys are such great young talents. To step on the ice with them at camp would be unbelievable. To even take some stuff from them would be amazing.

It would be unbelievable to play on a line with Hemsky. To even make it to the NHL, it's always been my dream. To get the opportunity to play on a line with Hemsky is probably a longshot for this year but it would be unreal

   How do you feel about being invited to Canadian National Junior Camp?
– Dave Grant,  Edmonton

A:    It's pretty exciting. I've played twice with Team Canada and every time you put on the jersey it's really awesome. It's probably one of the most watched events of the year in Canada. To get a shot this summer is awesome.

Q:    What do you like to listen to in your iPod?
– Amy, Edmonton

A:    I'm a country guy. It's always been country. I like Johnny Reid, Keith Urban, Brad Paisley. The main country artists.

Jordan Eberle puts on a Edmonton Oilers jersey after being chosen as their first round draft pick at the NHL draft in Ottawa on Friday, June 20, 2008. (AP Photo/The Canadian Press, Fred Chartrand)
Q:    I heard you say your favourite player in the NHL is Marty St. Louis.  Who was your favourite Oiler growing up?
– Daniel Huntley, Edmonton

A:    Growing up, I was a big fan of Doug Weight. Ryan Smyth was such a good player but he has such a different style of game from me. Doug Weight was a great leader and he could put the puck in the net, too. Watching him was unbelievable.

Q:    What do you think were some of the factors that helped put you over the top last year and into position to become a number 1 draft choice?
– James, Seattle

A:    The biggest thing was coming in as a 17 year old you have more confidence than as a 16 year old. My coach gave me a lot of good opportunity on the power play and linemates help a lot. Our line had such good chemistry together.

   Thanks for taking the time to do this. It was so great to see somebody so genuinely excited to be drafted by the Edmonton Oilers!  What kind of hobbies to you have outside of hockey? Congratulations, and have a great summer!
– Stephanie, Toronto

A:    Definitely golf. I'm a more outdoorsy type person.

Q:    Hi Jordan, welcome to the Oilers! What is it like playing in Regina for the Pats and in front of their fans? Thanks Jordan and I hope to see you in Oiler colours in the near future!
– Kyle, Manning

A:    Growing up in Regina and watching them play - my cousin played for them - is unbelievable. Being able to live with my grandparents is good, too.

   Congrats Jordan! I can't wait to see you in an Oiler uniform.  I also watch a ton of Pats games and it will be exciting to watch you progress to the NHL.  Any ideas of what number you will go with?  I want to buy a jersey already!
– Tim Dereniwski, Regina

A:    I'm not so focused on numbers right now but I wouldn't mind keeping my own number (27). Right now I'm just focused on making the team.
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