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Hitting the course for Kids Kottage

by Jen Sharpe / Edmonton Oilers
Oilers GM Steve Tambellini makes a putt during the 18th annual Kids Kottage Foundation Golf Classic Tournament at Edmonton Country Club August 16, 2010 (photo by Aminah Syed / ATB Financial)

Hockey season is just around the corner, but Oilers General Manager Steve Tambellini and CEO Patrick LaForge made time to enjoy the summer sunshine and support a great cause at Edmonton Country Club Monday afternoon.

For the 18th year, the Kids Kottage Foundation Golf Classic Tournament attracted golfers, sponsors and supporters for an afternoon of tee shots, putts and charitable giving.

As the new athletic patron for the Foundation, Tambellini was honoured to participate in the event and support Kids Kottage, a nursery for children of families in crisis.

"Today it's an important day for us, something that both my wife Denise and I are getting into, the Kids Kottage Foundation," Tambellini explained. "When people don't have the right situation for kids and the hardship, it's a small way that you can help. And I think with the Oilers and primary sponsor, ATB Financial, we can do something good here."

Pam Miller, Development Director for Kids Kottage Foundation, said that the contributions made by Tambellini and his fellow golfers are vital to the crisis centre's survival.

"Less than one third of our budget, which is over $1 million dollars, comes from a grant from the government. The rest is fundraised through fundraisers like today," she explained. "It's a perfect day and we're just thrilled because ATB Financial has really taken on doing all of the work at setting up this golf tournament, and partnering with the Oilers is so exciting. To have Steve Tambellini as our athletic patron is just thrilling for everybody."

John Windwick, ATB Financials Vice President of Community Investment and Government Relations, added that the goal of the tournament is fundraising and a fun round of golf.

"People are here, they're going to have a great day of golf, they're going to learn a little bit more about Kids Kottage, which is really important to us," he explained. "It's a great charity for the city, and if they learn that, we've won already."

But another item was on the agenda, involving the Oilers GM.

"Steve Tambellini has to hit a straight ball, that's number one," Windwick said with a smirk. "We're not sure that's going to happen."

While Tambellini's drives may be tough to bank on, Kids Kottage is confident they will reach their event fundraising goal of $30,000.

"That's been our benchmark over the years, and we hope to meet that or even increase that this year," Miller explained. "The money that is raised here today will go to keeping the doors of the crisis care nursery open."

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