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BLOG: Three new tests highlight combine

by Mike Morreale / Edmonton Oilers

The 2014 NHL Scouting Combine will incorporate three new fitness tests for the top prospects in attendance on May 31 at Toronto International Centre.

Replacing push-ups, the push-pull station and seated medicine ball throw at this year's event will be overhand pull-ups, single leg squat and a pro agility test.

"The NHL strength coaches group were consulted during a review of the NHL Combine and their group suggested to remove those three tests and replace them with testing that is more dynamic [more moving body weight] versus static [stationary] tests," Director of NHL Central Scouting Dan Marr told "The 30 NHL teams were polled on whether they supported these testing modifications and the majority approved for us to implement them at the 2014 Combine."

The overhand pull-ups will require each player to perform a maximum number of consecutive repetitions with the correct technique while pausing for one second at the top and bottom of the movement. Partial pull-ups will not be counted.

The single leg squats evaluate unilateral strength, balance and full body coordination. Each player must perform five successive repetitions on each leg. Each squat is worth 15 points with a maximum score of 75 (per leg).

The pro agility test will rate multi-directional speed, agility and whole body reaction, plus control. In a timed test, players are required to sprint 15 feet to the right and touch a line with their right hand, sprint 30 feet to the left and touch a line with their left hand, and sprint 15 feet to the right and over the line to finish

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