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BLOG: Katz on state of the Oilers

by Chris Wescott / Edmonton Oilers

Oilers Owner Daryl Katz was on Oilers Now with Bob Stauffer on Wednesday and discussed various topics including Rogers Place Arena construction and the state of the Oilers.

As not only the owner, but as a fan of the team, Katz offered his thoughts on the franchise and the direction they’re headed.

“I’m like any other fan Bob, I live and die by the team,” Katz said. “I’m really pleased with our management team with Kevin Lowe, Bob Nicholson and of course, Craig MacTavish. I can see the makings of progress. You could see from this tournament we were in with our prospects the last few days that anyone who watched the games can see the potential out there on the ice. I’m optimistic that we will be improved over last year. Other than that, I’ll leave it to MacTavish and his management team.”

Katz understands the frustrations pertaining to the team’s lack of on-ice success in the last several years. He had good things to say about the fans and their patience and understanding of the rebuild process.

“Without our fans we wouldn’t be in business and nobody would have jobs,” he said. “I’m one of those fans and the past years have been as tough on me as on anybody. But I have to say that when we decided that we wanted to rebuild the organization and do it right, I said many times that a lot of markets wouldn’t support a rebuild and we’re fortunate enough to be in a market where our fans are sophisticated and understood what we wanted to do.”

Katz continued, “Now, every fan as their own opinion and could take exception relative to some of the decisions that were made. Some will turn out to be good decisions and some have turned out to be bad decisions. But from the outset, we had a plan and we had an objective and the objective was you had to rebuild this team in the spirit of trying to create a team that could compete year-in and year-out and win championships. That’s still our objective and I know everybody from top to bottom of our organization is pursuing that objective. I like the way the team is shaping up and I love to hear fan opinions on (Oilers Now) as to what’s happening with the team and I’ve never been more excited about a season. Hopefully we’ll be able to make everybody proud about being Oilers fans.”

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