Turtle Island Logo

This logo was created in collaboration with Edmonton designer and artist Lance Cardinal of Bigstone Cree First Nations, and features the Oilers logo incorporated into the body of a turtle, which in Cree lore represents creation, wisdom and spirituality. The turtle is also a reference to Turtle Island, the land mass upon which all 32 NHL teams compete. The stylized eagle feathers represent one of the highest honours that can be bestowed in Cree culture, in traditionally significant colours representing air, water, fire and earth.

All proceeds from the purchase of these items will be donated to the charities who continue to do important work in supporting our Indigenous communities.

Inner City Youth Development Association

For over twenty five years, Edmonton's Inner City Youth Development Association (ICDYA) has provided marginalized Indigenous and other urban youth with the tools and opportunities to break the cycle of poverty, desperation, and dependence that dominates their lives. Through the Association's accredited independent school, Inner City High School, and its in-house Youth Engagement Program, ICYDA reaches youth at the street level, offering a powerful combination of education and cultural and social supports that help build confidence and create success. In short, ICYDA helps youth help themselves - enabling Edmonton's marginalized Indigenous and other urban youth to become positive, contributing members of our local community. The funds directed to ICYDA are supporting Scholarships for students at Inner City High School.

Bent Arrow Traditional Healing Society

The Society is committed to building upon the strengths of Aboriginal Children, youth and families to enable them to grow spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally so that they can walk proudly in both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal communities.

Since 1994, Bent Arrow has provided services to Indigenous children, youth, and families in Edmonton and the surrounding area. The Society is dedicated to enhancing the strengths of Aboriginal children, youth, and families so that they can flourish spiritually, emotionally, physically, and mentally in both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal communities.