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Twitter gets you news fast, but be wary of Twits

by Paul Kukla /
Detroit Red Wings Stanley Cup Champs GearIn my day (and night) job, I follow the latest hockey news, pointing it out to hockey fans worldwide.  I have to be always aware of news, news that can happen at any time, day or night.
It is time consuming; it has forced me to make adjustments to my daily life but I would have it no other way.  I don’t consider what I do work, it is more like a passion for me and I plan to continue doing what I do as long as I can.
I try to stay current with all the ways to follow the hockey news.  I have a huge 30-inch monitor and a very fast computer and Internet connection, plus I carry a micro pc with me when I leave my home office, which allows me to follow and post the news from just about anywhere.
One thing I had not really grasped until a few days before UFA Day was Twitter.  I really had no time to figure out exactly how it works and what I did know was I would have to filter the hockey news flowing in from Twitter since many people like to tell you what they are doing throughout the day.
I don't want to know that a hockey fan in Philadelphia is at an ice cream store.  I don’t care that you just took a shower and I really have no need to see a picture of your dog playing dead.
What I want is hockey news as quickly as possible and Twitter does provide that if you know where to look.  It is much quicker to type “Pronger traded to Philly” and post that on Twitter than it is to post it as a news story on one of the reputable hockey Websites or blogs.
There were more signings on July 1 that were announced first on Twitter than they were on Web sites, blogs and radio, but do remember, you need to know where to look for this news and must also avoid those who like to break news of signings or trades without any confirmation whatsoever.  Common sense comes into play when reading some of the ‘twits’ and as I have always said, if it doesn’t make sense, it probably is not true.
Here I am, a middle-aged man and I am not sure if I should even be telling you I ‘Twitter,’ but I do.  I have followers, 99.9% of them I will never meet or even talk to.  I follow people on Twitter too and at one time was just following them because they were following me, but I have begun to ‘weed-out’ some of those folks since we have nothing in common and never will.
In closing, if you are on the fence about Twitter, I suggest you try it out and see if it works for you.  It is time-consuming and can become addictive if you allow it to be but it can also be a great source for you to gather the latest hockey news and that is what most of us want.
Feel free to leave your favorite Twitter folks below or email me at to talk Twitter or anything hockey related.

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