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Stamkos, Sedin twins impress during Challenge Relay

by Arpon Basu
KANATA, Ont. – Perhaps the two or three most difficult aspects of the 2012 Molson Canadian All-Star Skills Competition are all encapsulated in a single event – the G Series NHL Skills Challenge Relay.

With the sharp-angle one-timers, the saucer passing into tiny nets and the puck control competition, Team Alfredsson needed some of their best elements to take the competition easily.

The Tampa Bay Lightning's Steven Stamkos was called on to shoot one-timers into an empty net from a near impossible angle, and made it look easy.

"You kind of incorporate everything into that with one-timers, passing, accuracy and stick-handling and mobility,” Stamkos said. "It's kind of all the aspects that you need to be a successful hockey player in the NHL. It gives the fans something to look forward to and for the guys it allows everyone to get involved."

The competition was split into two heats, allowing Team Alfredsson to place both Daniel and Henrik Sedin on the difficult passing accuracy portion of the event. While a skilled player like Patrick Kane had tons of trouble saucering a puck over an obstacle and into a tiny net quite far away.

But Henrik Sedin nailed three in a row at one point, while brother Daniel Sedin aced the event in his first ever attempt to help their team win both heats by a combined 23 seconds.

"It was the first time for me; Hank did it last year," Daniel said. "It's tougher than you would think."

However, Daniel doesn't believe it's a valuable tool to practice with.

"You use the saucer pass in the games a lot -- that's why I was able to do it," he said. "But it's different. You're standing still and the goals are not moving. But it was hard." 
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